Will History Repeat Itself? TEACH THE TRUTH!

In the 1930’s, Hitler took a firm grip on Germany. Many German citizens (Jewish) were discouraged from displaying their cultural and religious symbols or playing their music in public. Shortly thereafter, all their symbols, music and literature were completely outlawed (along with a countrywide ban on guns). Are we not seeing a repeat of the same suppression and culture cleansing here in the South?

The Saint Andrew Cross, a Christian symbol for almost two thousand years, was adopted as a Confederate battle flag. Some say the 13 stars represent the Southern states, but to many of us they represent Jesus Christ and the 12 disciples. It is a long-standing symbol of Southern pride, honor and Christian freedom. Our flag is now being stripped from its flagpoles. The song ‘Dixie’ is no longer allowed to be played at our schools, ballgames and public events. The South is losing its distinction as the Bible Belt. All these changes are forced on us because of the lies told by the north in order to justify the crimes they committed against the Southern people.

Only seven Southern states, out of a total of 34 states, declared their independence from an overbearing American Empire. Eight slave states elected to stay with the North until the Union illegally attacked the South. Then four more Southern states joined the Confederacy. More slave states were in the Union than in the Confederacy at the start of the War, so ending slavery couldn’t be the reason for invading the South. The small Confederate States established a Republic and adopted a constitution almost identical to the U.S., so preserving democracy couldn’t be the reason for the northern aggression either. Also, Confederates were the first to write into their constitution a ban on African slave trade while at the same time Lincoln refused to free slaves in the Union (a few reasons why tens of thousands of blacks fought for the Confederacy). Why did they invade us? The same as all wars; money, greed and power. Now they lie to hide their crimes and keep Southern whites and blacks pitted against each other.

The Saint Andrews cross was never a slave symbol. It became the Battle flag for about four years. However, the U.S. flag flew over slave states for almost 90 years. No slave ship ever flew the Confederate flags, but all United States slave ships flew the U.S. flag. Which flag should be called a slave flag? Northerners owned all American slave ships! When Europe outlawed slave trade on the Atlantic, even foreign slave ships would hoist the American flag to guarantee safe passage with their slave cargo across the Atlantic (usually to South America or the Caribbean Islands). Is the American flag the next to go?

It wasn’t Southerners that started slavery. Africans have been enslaving Africans for thousands of years and they continue to do so today! As bad as slavery was, the very small percentage of slaves that were shipped here (only about 6%) actually had a higher standard of living and longer life spans than slaves anywhere else in the world, especially those in Africa and South America. There were more slaves in Africa than in North America. At a funeral of an African king or chief, it was common practice to sacrifice the lives of as many as 1,000 slaves, which is one reason almost all freed slaves refused to go back to Africa when given a free ticket home. Many of those that did go back to Africa soon afterwards returned to America. I’ll bet you won’t learn that in school.

Why is it at a time when we should be embracing diversity so many are engaging in cultural cleansing of the South? Why is it that the same ones preaching ‘tolerance’ are so intolerant of Southerners? When they demand ‘inclusion’, don’t they really mean excluding Southerners?

The Saint Andrew Cross, which we call the ‘Dixie flag’, is a flag of Christian freedom and a symbol of pride and honor for all Southerners regardless of race or color. Let’s start celebrating the good things about our heritages and show respect for all cultures. Not just a chosen few. Fly it proudly! Teach the truth!