Tancredo sings Dixie

From: Hprinze@aol.com
To: jspencer@denverpost.com


Your Denver Post column of 9/18 re Tancredo sings Dixie is a paragon of ignorance. It’s obvious you have attended and been brainwashed in Northern government owned schools.

Your reliance on the Southern Poverty Law Center for information is absolutely ludicrous and inane. Here are a couple of links about that organization.



These are but two of the informational sites re Morris Dees and his involvement in the "race industry."

You are sadly in need of enlightenment about the Confederacy, its flags and emblems, as well as about the War for Southern Independence.

If you have any desire to learn the truth, I will be happy to point out some excellent sources of reference. I will even buy you some books if you actually want to be educated. You can be educated. I don’t think you are stupid, simply ignorant about the subject you insulted. Ignorance is curable, stupidity is terminal.

If you prefer to wallow in your own ignorance, so be it.

Martin Jones

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