Tampa Flag Site & Memorial Park
From: pamba1@aol.com
To all,
Last Saturday evening several Early Camp members and SCV supporters from the area activated the new lights which focus on the massive Battle Flag which has flown for 2 years to date. Talk of different flags arose and one supporter suggested a 3rd National Confederate be purchased and flown with this the 150th Anniversary for the War of Southern Independence.
This past week without offical mailings, pledges have been sent to me by e-mail and the campaign is off and running. Quoting General Nathan Bedford Forrest , "keep up the skeer" is the motto for this project and we want everyone to have the opportunity to be involved.
I am aware of rising fuel prices which contribute to higher cost across the board which will prevent some folks from donating but their are others who can be a part of this exciting prospect . This plan is not to replace the current Battle Flag promise to the previous supporters but as a back up when the flags are removed for repair. We intend to display the 3rd Natiional for periods of 2 weeks or honoring a specific Confederate Officer or soldier who served his country well during the conflict.
Donations of 5, 10 , 20 or 50 dollars would be welcomed as no amount is too small.
Send your heartfelt donation to the address at the end of this message
and wait for the excitement of a huge 3rd National Flag fying in the summer breeze in Tampa.
Make all checks or money orders out to Mike Herring.
Mike Herring
Commanding Officer
Gen. Jubal A, Early Camp 556
Sons of Confederate Veterans
1434 Misty Valley Drive
Brandon, Florida 33510