Tampa Flag Raising


Tomorrow, the 200th Anniversary of the birth of President Jefferson Davis, will be a banner day for the Florida Division. We will raise our GIANT Battle-flag at 7am, and the press will be on hand for the event. You can expect to see major coverage on your TV tomorrow evening.

Today, Cdr. Dawson and I were run ragged with press interviews. I know that Doug’s interview was played on CNN, and that he was contacted by several newspapers.

I did an interview with the Tampa Tribune, ABC News New York, and was the feature in the 5PM drive home on the Bud Heddinger Show (radio).

Here is a story with some pictures of our "test raising" in April. They got a couple of things wrong, but for the most part, it’s a pretty good story.

Please broadcast this email to all your friends.

National Headquarters reports being besieged with calls and donations this AM. I know of at least one new member joining, and I have gotten many supportive emails and calls, from as far away as Rhode Island.

DO NOT let the media pundits make you believe that the world will hate this flag…that sure isn’t the feedback I am getting from the street.


God Bless Jefferson Davis!

John Adams
Co-Chmn, Flags Across Florida