Wednesday, October 23, 2013

VMFA Talking Point Debunked…Myth #2: Interpretive Signs

VMFA: “We have installed permanent plaques that discuss the significance and history of the site. The texts were reviewed by the Department of Historic Resources, Charlie Bryan, Waite Rawls, and Ed Ayers to ensure that the information we presented was accurate."

Va Flaggers: Firstly, the installation of such signage would be expected, considering the historical significance of the Chapel and the grounds. What would not be expected, is that the act of doing so would somehow be used as a discussion point to take the spotlight off of the removal of the Confederate Battle Flags from the Confederate War Memorial. Does one act somehow nullify the immorality and illegality of the other?

Secondly, a cursory glance by one of our Flaggers revealed that VMFA officials might want to reconsider their choice of “experts” in the future. The signage about the three National Flags of the Confederacy is incorrect. The picture of the 1st National is depicted with the measurements of the 2nd National, while the 2nd National is shown with 1st and 3rd National dimensions.

RETURN the flags!
RESTORE the honor!

TriPp Lewis
Va Flaggers