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redneck236@hotmail.com wrote:

"When the Klan make such statements, those newspaper reporters are salivating, because it’s what our detractors have been accusing us for years and every time they make such statements …"

Yes, and this is why reporters will continue forever to make the comparison between the flag and "hate." This is their ace, and without this comparison they have no story. So, one can write letters up the wazoo, reporters and their editors are not going to let go of their cash cow, which is founded on disseminating anti-southern diatribes.

They don’t make this nefarious comparison because they are ignorant of the facts, or because they misunderstand and need to be informed. They are well informed on this issue, but their own hostility to all things southern makes them delight in continuing the propaganda. And, besides, these notions are now well embedded into the general society, and newspapers know that such biased perspectives meet with the agreement of most of the general public, even in the South. Every now and then a newspaper editor will publish a letter that protests their bias, more for a kick than anything else, and the letter writer will think that he’s made a dent in public ignorance.

"The Klan and their neo-Nazi ‘National Socialist’ friends are the ones responsible for these attacks we now face with regularity, as ineffective as we may see them to be, they are OUR true enemy."

I doubt that. I think that even if the Klan had disappeared entirely 50 years ago, their ghosts would still be resurrected to serve the purpose of smearing white southerners. After all, the media and the education system have never let go of the slavery issue, with which they continue to smear the South, yet today there are no slaves or slave owners. They will continue to reach back in time, because it makes good, volatile copy. Just look at all the response they get. Without the existence of today’s neo-Klansmen, the media would still resurrect the long-deceased Klan.

I noticed recently that on Tom Metzger’s site there appears to be about a dozen or so YouTube videos of a man engaged in interviews. Behind him is a stars and bars Confederate flag, along with a flag with a swastika (perhaps the original Nazi flag). Both of these colorful flags are clearly displayed in each and every one of these video-interviews. I suspect that it’s done as an in-your-face to those who would appropriate ownership of the flag to themselves. I think these white nationalists are probably sending the message that they are not about to bow to any protest of their use of the flag.

So, between the media that loves to depict white southerners in a certain way and white nationalists who feed this drive by obstinately refusing to take orders from their opponents, I don’t think much is ever going to change — with or without letters to newspaper editors.

Elizabeth Wright