T. Warren…a true Southern Patriot!

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Chuck and all…

This is in reference to Mr Croft’s defense of T. Warren. I agree 110% with Mr Croft on the issue of T. Warren being one of the biggest and best defenders of our Southern Heritage. As the former Commander of the Capt. James Knox SCV Camp #2022 in extreme SE Georgia I had the privilege of receiving T. (and his beautiful wife Pam and lovely daughter Mayme) into our Camp family and I can say that with all that Camp #2022 has done in the name of our Southern Heritage that was the high point for me! I have walked beside them to the People’s House under the gold dome in Atlanta and stood side by side with them in defiance of the Capitol Nazis who demanded that we discard our colors which we defiantly and proudly refused to do!

This family is a true and definite benefit to our heritage fight not only in their adopted state of Georgia but throughout the Confederacy and any one who would disagree is of no use to me or those who I stand firm with in our struggle for the Cause. There are few, if any, of the stature of T. Warren in the fight for Southern Heritage and the defense of the Native American. There are few today who know of the sacrifices this man has made in his life for the Cause of the South and fewer even who know of his stand in the 60’s and 70’s with the American Indian Movement (AIM).

This is a man who has many times put principle before all else. He has been persecuted and prosecuted for his beliefs and for his unbreakable strength to defy those who have attempted to break him. They have taken his job, threatened his family with harm and even threatened to kill him and he still stands firm with both arms raised to the sky with clenched fists. This is a man we should all strive to be as much like as possible though most would fall way too short. He is a mentor for many new comers in the Southern Heritage and Native American Movements and a hero to most, I count myself among both. I am proud to call him my hero in the Cause of Southern Heritage for his stance against overwhelming odds in his home state of Illinois and my brother in the Native American Movement for his fight for the rights of my grandfather’s people and the people of his ancestors. Before someone knocks this man for any reason they should do their home work and then take a look in the mirror and ask themselves if they have ever done near as much or sacrificed so much as he has for our shared Causes, I doubt they could honestly say that they have.

My hat is off to T. and the Warren family and I send them my love and admiration with best hopes for the new year.

Sam Lyons

Sam Lyons, Commander
Capt. James Knox SCV Camp #2022
Co. "D" 26th GVI "Seaboard Guards"
Waynesville, Brantley Co., GA
"Coastal Flaggers"
www.scvcamp2022.org (http://www.scvcamp2022.org)