T-Shirt Police

This is a letter of protest and an appeal for sensibilty, written from a minority member. I am a Kaw/OSAGE American Indian metis, (no the term Indian doesn’t offend me in the least it’s what I am). I am the daddy of three daughters, two of them schooled in NC. I am descended from brave and honorable men, red and white alike that served the Confederacy. I have just read in utter horror and disgust the plans to have sheriff deputies on school grounds in NC. This police action is not because of terrorism, nor some major crime wave or huge drug cartel, but merely the wearing of clothing with symbols of the Confederacy on them………My Sweet Lord, when in the world will this one sided politically corrupt madness end? It would appear that the voices and more importantly the bank account of the NAACP is setting all the standards by which this nation is run.

What happened to "equality"? If I am red, am I not a person of color? Why do I have no voice? My wife is white. Now I know that is the absence of color……….but that doesn’t mean absence of rights, or does it? I know it sure seems that way to her, for she voiced that feeling to me only this morning.

With everything that has really gone ary in the world, and with all the real problems that exist, why in the world would your school system want to compound the problem further by denying the basic rights of anyone? Perhaps ya’ll dont really grasp the concept of real problems in the school age youth of today……..I live in the midwest in a small community where everyone knows everyone. Red, yellow, black, white, green, and purple alike. We have real problems in schools, like drugs, unwed and pregnant teenagers, not enough funding for teachers and facilities with asbestos in them……..just to name a few. If you wish to talk serious problems in schools, I would say look to SD, they have Indian students dying on school grounds from murder, drugs and alcohol poisoning. Does it gain National attention? NO, but let someone complain about a Confederate symbol on a T-shirt………….jeez the world almost spins off it’s axis trying to appease the sentiments of a handful. The stars and stripes has a history longer associated with the institution of slavery than any Confederate symbol. It also is the flag that led troops to the murder of millions of Indian men, women, and children. Many of those troops were black, they are better known as the "Buffalo Soldiers". I have heard many blacks speak with pride that their ancestors were "Buffalo Soldiers", and they have that right. So why do the descendants of Confederate soldiers rate as second class citizens??? Answer me that if ya can………but I won’t hold my breath waitin, for fear I’d turn blue..and I am quite happy being red…..I would however truly enjoy having some of the rights and the voice of power that is allotted to the blacks. History is history, whether it be good, bad, or otherwise. Confederate symbols are part of American History, don’t stifel, don’t erase, don’t alter, just teach the truth. I would ask in closing that you re-think this police action …… good can from this type of action. One need only look to history itself, to see the outcome………..and it is not healthy.

With reserved regards,

T Warren,
Concerned daddy of two children in NC
Bridgeport, Illinois