In reference to the SHNV posting "Since the Confederate symbol can be distracting, public schools are within their rights to ban it The Patriot-News –, PA"

I think that we must all agree with the irrefutable logic contained in the article. I am now making a list of things that are (or can be) distracting to public school students and should be banned or changed.

1. Girls can be very distracting to boys, and vice-versa, so there should be separate public schools for boys and girls.

2. Sports were distracting to my boys; they had a harder time studying and keeping up their grades while playing sports and my girls had the same problem with being cheerleaders. Let’s ban sports in public schools.

3. "Yankee American History" was very distracting to my children; they had been taught "Real American History" about their ancestors who fought in the First American Revolutionary War and the Second American Revolutionary War, also called The War for Southern Independence.

4. Subjects such as chemistry and algebra were very distracting to my children.

5. "Political Correctness" was very distracting. One of my sons came home one afternoon from his public school first grade class in 1987 saying "yeah" and "nope" instead of "yes sir" and "no sir". Startled at this sudden change I asked him why he had stopped being polite. He informed me that his first grade teacher had told him to stop, that "yes ma’am", etc. were old fashioned and passé.

I immediately solved this tremendous "distraction" problem by sending him and later my two younger children to private schools and recommend the same to every concerned parent who can possibly afford it.


Rick Boswell