Symbol of Hate?
Sir, due to the propaganda which you have been subjected to, and no doubt have swallowed, may I attempt to enlighten you to the truth? Here, you will see ample proof that the Confederate Battle Flag is NOT a symbol of hate, but one of honor. You could have discovered this truth on your own had you but taken the time to look for it, instead of falling for the slanderous lies spewed forth by liberals, the NAACP, and southern traitors.
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Jeff Paulk
Tulsa, OK


The truth about the Confederate flag

By Christopher H. Ezelle, Locust Grove
Published: March 14, 2011
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Before you attack the Confederate soldiers’ Battle flag, see how Old Glory will compare
The Confederate Flag and the United States Flag are judged by different standards and criteria, and are not held to the same levels of accountability. In analytical science and weights and measures, comparisons are made against known standards. However, in politics comparisons are never made in a fair and impartial manner. In order to understand the hypocrisy, ignorance, and bias that have been directed against the Confederate Flag, it is necessary to use the U.S. Flag (Stars and Stripes) as a standard of comparison. The purpose of this comparison is not to berate or disparage the U.S. Flag, but is to prove that the Confederate Flag has received unfair and unequal treatment. The genocide and racial cleansing of the American Indians took place under the U.S. Flag. Their land was taken without fair and just compensation. Indians died by the thousands as they were forced on to reservations and subjected to starvation and deadly diseases. The Trail of Tears endured by the Cherokee is an example. In the American West, cavalry troopers murdered entire villages including babies in their mother’s arms.
The U.S. Flag Flew over an unconstitutional and criminal war conducted against The Confederate States of America. Abraham Lincoln conducted this war for the benefit of wealthy Northern industrialists. Atrocities against Southern civilians and military are listed in the book, The Uncivil War: Union Army and Navy Excesses in the Official Records. Furthermore, slaves were imported from Africa to America primarily by five Northern States: New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island. The Confederate Flag was not involved in the importation of slaves.
Finally, the U.S. Flag flies over a nation that has murdered an estimated 42 million babies by abortion. Confederate leaders would never have voted for abortion or nominated judges that would legalize abortion. Political Correctness has been used to attempt bans of The Confederate Flag from schools, parades, public and private property, and even historical monuments and sites. The Confederate flag represents Constitutional Limited Federal Government, States Rights, Resistance to Government Tyranny, and Christian Values and Principles. To say that it represents racism and bigotry is a negative and shallow interpretation comparable to saying the U.S. flag represents the genocide of the American Indians and abortion. James W. King
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"Old Glory— the quintessential symbol of American Freedom"
Did Old Glory mean freedom to the thousands of Africans transported into slavery on New England ships flying it?
I think not.
Did Old Glory mean freedom to the Native Americans who were cheated, dispossessed, and slaughtered under it?
I think not.
Did Old Glory mean freedom to the Jews who were forcibly removed from the Military District of Tennessee by Ulysses S. Grant under it?
I think not.
Did Old Glory mean freedom to the Southern civilians — black and white alike — who were raped, robbed, and burned out under it?
I think not.
Did Old Glory mean freedom to the US citizens of Japanese ancestry who were shoved into concentration camps under it?
I think not.
Old Glory is the favored flag of the Ku Kluxers. (See for pictures.) Did Old Glory mean freedom to their victims?
I think not.
No Confederate-flagged ship ever made a slaving-run.
Neither Native Americans nor Jews were ever mistreated under a Confederate flag’s authority.
Confederate military personnel never committed atrocities against noncombatants.
No Confederates ever put anyone into a concentration camp based on his ethnicity.
Anyone who seeks a symbol of freedom needs not look to Old Glory.
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Confederate Flag not symbol of racism