Swastika and Confederate Flag
From: rwaldburg2@gmx.de
About the problem of Mr. Brian Mann at:
Mr. Mann says “But I can see absolutely no moral difference between a Swastika and a Confederate flag.”
It seems this confusion occurs more and more often, both in America and Europe. Ignorance and misleading in teaching history are the main reasons for that. In Europe Camp #1612 SCV we are fighting the people who try to draw any moral comparison line between the 3rd Reich and the Confederate States of America. An interesting fundament for anyone who wants to maintain an argument with such an ignorant like Mr. Mann is given in the April issue of our Newsletter: The Nazis as part of Lincolnite Heritage in Europe. The author explains why the Lincolnite spirit of the North was pretty close to Hitler – and admired by him and other important Nazis. Anyone interested may contact the editor of the Camp Newsletter for a copy of the issue to be sent to him on pdf.
Raphael Waldburg-Zeil
Editor, ISE Newsletter, Europe Camp #1612, Sons of Confederate Veterans