Lawrence Co. High students suspended for waving confederate flag


"The superintendent said he wants all students to know why the confederate flag represents pain for African-Americans.

"’I hope that in the future we can help them understand what this means and use this as a learning experience, that this is not just a flag.  That it is hurtful to some of those around them,’ Grimes said."

Wait just a minute here!  The comment by the superintendent is itself very bigoted, because he prejudges the Confederate flag that many Southerners view as a symbol of sacrifice, heritage, and history has no other meaning than to "represent pain for ‘African-Americans’".  What about the majority of Southerners who are not offended by the Confederate flag, or the millions of Southerners who have ancestors who fought for the
Confederacy?  Are we just supposed to give up the idea of honoring our Confederate ancestors and their sacrifices?  If that is what the superintendent demands, he is showing a very bigoted stance.

What the superintendent SHOULD have said is, "Obviously we need to spend more time educating our students, black and white, on the history of the Confederate flag and the history of the Confederacy itself.  I do not believe there was any intent by the white students who displayed this Confederate flag to cause emotional pain for the black students.  Once white students fully understand why black students feel the way they do, and once black students understand why many white students feel the way they do about their Southern history and heritage, and their feelings as to what the Confederate flag means to them, there will be no need for anyone to feel hurt nor oppressed by the Confederate flag.  There is no malicious intent here, and anyone who feels there is is ignoring the facts of American history."



If you wish to state your opinon over this man`s lack of education & handling of the 3 students who displayed the Confederate Battleflag you will find his contact information here, I did.


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