Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Independent poll shows that overwhelming majority of Virginians support Confederate History Month and reject ‘heritage deniers’

From Sons of Confederate Veterans Headquarters, Elm Springs, Tennessee

An independent survey poll conducted April 20-21, 2010 reveals that the recent controversy over Virginia Gov. McDonnell’s Confederate History Month proclamation was manufactured by a small group attempting to besmirch and censor an important part of Virginia’s history and indeed, America’s history. The survey was conducted by the Conquest Group and commissioned by the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV). "The poll results cut through the smoke and expose the falsehood of a popular outcry against Confederate History Month," said SCV Commander-In-Chief Charles E. McMichael. "A substantial majority of both native and transplant Virginians have rejected the attempted manipulation—they support more education not less. We stand ready to help," McMichael said.

The survey showed that 66% of Virginians agreed that Confederate History Month (CHM) could encourage more tourism to the state during the upcoming Sesquicentennial. But even more, 69%, believed it could create more educational opportunities for Virginians to more deeply study the complicated historical, cultural and economic issues that led to a war that killed more Americans than all other American wars combined.

"The Sons of Confederate Veterans stand ready to work with Gov. McDonnell and Virginia’s educational system— or anyone else —to meet the public demand for greater understanding and perspective," McMichael said. "It is long past time for a balanced presentation of this period without the hyperbole and censorship of the ‘Confederate history deniers’ who insist that Virginia’s history during the period does not merit our interest or study. The poll proves that their simplistic smears and hostile vitriol have been rejected by Virginians," McMichael added.

The poll shows a whopping 86% of Virginians want Confederate memorials and monuments protected by law from the divisive hard core 4% who want them removed. Only 16% of Virginians had an unfavorable opinion of CHM. The SCV believes this can be reduced down to the 4% of hard core heritage deniers through the better education mentioned above.

The corporate media has earned its reputation as anti-Confederate and anti-Southern by its inclusions and exclusions. The poll reveals that 31% view the media as "anti-Confederate" where only 28% saw media coverage as ‘fair and balanced.’ Hysterical claims of pro-Confederate media bias came in at 13%. These figures demonstrate that most people see that the hard core heritage deniers are attempting to play the victim when they are in fact the aggressors. "Southern heritage advocates do not lobby governors to edit any other group’s history month proclamations, nor do we go on TV to insult and smear their sponsors. People of goodwill generally demonstrate better manners," adds McMichael.

"I’m happy to report that this year’s Confederate History Month has been the most successful ever with a record number of proclamations, observances and memorials taking place," McMichael said. "The 50 million Confederate descendents all over America, and especially those fighting in our distant wars, can rest assured that the Sons of Confederate Veterans will fight all attempts to smear the good name of the Confederate soldier who has been honored and studied in military college’s all over the world for 150 years. We welcome all Americans to visit us at www.scv.org or www.confederate150.com and join with us in honoring the struggles and sacrifices of our ancestors through the ongoing Sesquicentennial commemorations," McMichael added. The 150th anniversary of the war commences in 2011.

Many states (AL, FL, GA, MS, TX) officially observe April 26th as Confederate Memorial Day. In Tennessee, the governor proclaimed April 26th as “Confederate Decoration Day.” Virginia observes Confederate Memorial Day in May with the federal holiday, however North Carolina and South Carolina observe it May 10th (the date Thomas ‘Stonewall’ Jackson died in 1863). Kentucky and Louisiana observe it with Jefferson Davis’ birthday on June 3rd.

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