Re: Supreme Court refuses Confederate flag T-shirt case
Given that Chief Justice Roberts – a “conservative” and “strict constructionist” – gave the oath of office to a man that he knew damned well was very likely unqualified by virtue of Constitutional determinants to be President (and choked on the oath, I might add), I am not at all surprised that an ongoing erosion of Constitutional rights is accepted and promoted by the “High” Court.
None of the cases brought against Obama during the election campaign by competent plaintiffs with “standing” (though often the “lack” of standing was the cause used to dismiss those cases out of hand) were heard even though the facts were plain and the defendant in many instances failed to respond to the complaint, thus giving victory to the plaintiffs by virtue of summary judgment.
The handling of this matter by the federal and state courts at every level merely served to prove that our judicial system is a joke; that it is fatally compromised and that the only thing the Constitution stands for these days is a prop behind which our venal, corrupt and traitorous politicians from BOTH parties can stand and look “patriotic”.
Do not look to our “court system” for interest much less justice. You would be more successful teaching a pig Latin.
Valerie Protopapas