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Contact: Dr. Robert Clarkson 864-356-5111
Larry Leitgeb – 706-886-2883
Nelson Waller – 864-225-0882, 864-356-9966

The above mentioned Southern heritage activist leaders have filed suit on a handful of Stephens County (GA) public school and court personnel.

Following a Confederate flag demonstration at Stephens County Middle School in March 2004, its principal, Brenda Kelley, told the local weekly that she had received “death threats” from local Confederate flag supporters – a group which is publicly well-known to include the above named plaintiffs. Kelley later repeated this false extreme and outrageous accusation under oath at a criminal trial in order to stampede a jury against a defendant in a criminal case. The local prosecutor, sheriff and Judge heard her commit perjury and did nothing. They are named in the suit (see Complaint for Damages, attached).

Southern heritage defenders Larry Leitgeb, Robert Clarkson, Nelson Waller and Dan Roberts filed a lawsuit Monday, March 6, 2006, for intentional infliction of emotional distress, slander, libel, defamation, group defamation, civil rights act violations, etc. The plaintiffs seek one million dollars in punitive or punishment damages.

Lead Plaintiff, Brother Larry, of Toccoa, GA in a public announcement stated: “I’m doing this because I’m a Patriot. I love my country and I consider it my duty to expose evil, wickedness and corruption wherever it might occur especially in government just as our great American forefathers did at great costs.”

Long time political activist Dr. Robert Clarkson of Anderson SC stated in a press release: “These horrible statements of the middle school principle constitute outrageous conduct which is words or deeds intended to purposefully hurt those falsely accused. She knew that these statements were not true and would hurt persons in the community known to be supporters of the Confederate flag. For her wrong doing she needs to compensate her victims and receive financial punishment.”

Well known Southern heritage spokesman and chronicler Nelson Waller of Anderson SC stated: “It’s time that our public servants learn the meaning of responsibility and accountability. This suit is going to prove that self-respecting Southerners have rights too – Constitutional, civil, you name it.”

A draft copy of the lawsuit is posted on Dr. Clarkson’s website,   Click on Lawsuits on the left menu.