In support of Mr. Waller
Slavery; Guilt by Association   
The anti-Southern bat cave continues to hum the same old song about the Confederacy having the single minded purpose of maintaining the practice of slavery. The vermin who proclaim the Southern peoples wholly responsible for all aspects of human bondage are in comparison to fools who declare kaleidoscopes have only one color. It seems if one looks, and I have, it is impossible to find when and where the Confederate Army received its orders to stop the Union forces from removing the slaves to freedom.

The reality in simple terms is that slavery was entwined throughout America’s fabric. While most look to the Southern States as being the hub of bondage, it is overlooked that before the Confederacy was formed, all those slaves in the Southern States were slaves in the United States. Likewise the fact after the WBTS ended, everything negative inflicted on the Black race was done in the United States, is overlooked. The South was overrun by Northerners after the war. They took control of the entire economy and infrastructures.

Prior to the Reconstruction invasion, there was no cry for segregation. Once the Yankees took control, the separation of races began in earnest. The Jim Crow laws, laid as blame at the feet of Southerners, were in fact laws pushed by the same Yankees who idolized Lincoln and his separatist ideas. The US Supreme Court sanctioned the Jim Crow laws, not the Confederate Supreme Court.

Prior to and during the war, the Northerners had huge investments in the South in a variety of enterprises. Most connected with the textile trade in some fashion. To push an agenda of cheap labor to provide cotton to the industry is the aspect where slaves became a factor. The vast wealth the investors stood to lose was certainly more than enough reason for them to push where they could to keep profits up, even if it meant pushing the nation into war, as they did.

While there are countless events to validate the war’s core reason as being money, one example is the contracts filled by the Springfield Armory to the South up to 1863. Even the war did not stop trade between the combatants. A political scientist made the point in this fashion; The Wall Street boys came to Lincoln and demanded he force the Southern States back into the Union to stop the loss of the huge profits they had been making. Lincoln declared he did not have the military might to retain them, nor the funds to raise such an army.

The greedy flock from Wall Street handed him a blank check and three weeks later Lincoln raised 75,000 new troops. Every political and business action committed in this period was tied to the slave industry, whether as a moral issue or a financial one. If the issue of slavery is to be welded to the backs of the Southern people, then certainly every citizen in the North shares the guilt by association.