I’m not an SCV member, but I support the new direction of the SCV in responding to attacks on Southern Heritage and symbols rather than quietly watching our history being misrepresented and our ancestors demonized. The telling part of your article was the opening paragraph where you had said that for 100 years the Sons of Confederate Veterans went quietly about the business of honoring the service of Confederate veterans, establishing, and caring for monuments and cemeteries. That is absolutely the truth and I wish all of us could return to those days. The problem is we are not being allowed to do that! Over the past 10 years, the confederate flag, southern history, and even Southern people have come under a vicious and withering attack by the self appointed arbiters of "Political Correctness". In a supposed diverse and multicultural society, there is but one culture and history that is under a frenzied Jihad-like attack to eliminate it from the public arena. That culture is our own Southern culture. The SCV did not begin this ugly and divisive campaign to purge American society of the history of an entire segment of the American population. They have only now begun to take exception to those attacks and to speak out.

When learning about history, one only need go to the original sources rather than to base knowledge on the opinions of politically biased historians, authors, and commentators. I would not have gone to King Edward I for information on Scottish history, nor to Nero for information on Christianity, nor to Dr. Josef Goebbels on the subject of European Jewish history. Maybe the Federal Government isn’t the best source for Native American history or Northern historians the best source for Southern history. It is always the victor in a conflict that gets to write the history. Sadly, the victor isn’t necessarily bound by an obligation to tell the truth.

When one goes into a little depth, it is shocking to learn of such things as Lincoln’s racism and white supremacy, his plan for an all white America, his imprisonment of some 34,000 Northern civilians for political disagreements, and one I think that you, as Journalist would not appreciate, his shutting down of some 300 opposition newspapers. I actually think that it is the anti-Southern hate groups that need to be investigated and exposed for the ugly, bitter, and divisive people that they are.

Jim Walters,
Lewisville, TX

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