Support for Ray McBerry
2 June 2009
Compatriots: I talked with Ray McBerry last evening about his campaign for Governor in the sovereign State of Georgia. In short, things are going very well for Ray. He is working hard to represent our views in this campaign, and he is reaching people with our message.
Ray ran a campaign for Governor in 2006. He got in the primary race only 90 days before the election and had little money or other support. Still, he got 12% of the vote, which totaled about 50,000. He was pitted against the Republican incumbent, Sonny Perdue. Under these circumstances, Ray had little chance of actually winning.
Things are much different this time around. Ray began his campaign several months ago, and the election is not until the summer of 2010. He has several hundred campaign volunteers and is being taken very seriously by the Georgia GOP and the electorate. He is not being ignored by the media this time around. In other words, Ray is a serious candidate with a very good chance of winning the GOP gubernatorial campaign in Georgia.
My intent in the message is two-fold. First, I want you all to understand that Ray has a good chance to win. This is not a repeat of 2006 when he was in reality a "message candidate." He can win in 2010. The time is right and Ray’s message is right. You must believe that and act upon it. Secondly, he cannot win if he does not have the proper level of support. He needs YOUR financial support. At present, Ray could use about $3000 to replenish his stock of campaign literature. If you can give just $100 today that would buy between 1000 and 2000 push cards. If you are willing to spend $30 taking your family to McDonald’s then you surely can spare that much to help Ray. Give up that meal and eat a ham sandwich for the cause!
Again, I implore you to take Ray’s campaign seriously. I personally know what sacrifices he has already made and is willing to make over the course of the next year. He is not doing this because he has political ambitions; rather he is doing it because he cares enough to make these sacrifices in the name of duty. Please don’t let him down.
You can contribute today by logging on to his campaign website– Please make a generous donation today. I just did. It took about thirty seconds on Paypal.
Michael Hill