Super commentary, Tom!


What a history lesson you delivered, Tom ( .  George Purvis you are terrific!  Rick, Boswell, your satirical put down of the Sociologist in training was superb! The little Sociology major so ignorant about the Confederate flag should now feel properly chastised.  Reading of his oh so clever, oh so incorrect grasp of history reminds me of what a United Daughter of the Confederacy, who is. probably, also a Daughter of the American Revolution, told me not so long ago—-she, a truly dedicated and informed, non-professional historian,  asked a Texas university senior major in Government why the Civil War was fought.  He responded, " because the South wanted to take over the government of the United States and the North had to stop that."  Can ignorance be bliss? Has that no doubt A+ scholar also decided that my brave Southern South Carolina warriors under the command in the 1700’s of  the Swamp Fox, fought the Red Coats in order to take over the over-the-seas government of King George’s British Empire?  To think, there exists possibilities that both the Sociology Senior and the Government Senior may, eventually, teach their concepts of truth to others–maybe even in high schools or in institutions of higher learning.
Maybe  we are all being too hard on that poorly informed Sociology major and that poorly informed Government major. They only know what they’ve read in government approved history texts or heard blubbering forth from the mouths of their sainted PhD professors.  It is unlikely that they are even aware that there has been some real serious research done, that real investigation has been made of legal documents long buried in national archives –which they and their professors know nothing about or wish to know nothing about. The students, likely. are unaware that once upon a time, a long time ago,. eye witness Southerners and even some Northerners knew truths and wrote them only to have truth deliberately, kept by government from the eyes of the public and that, unfortunate for lovers of truth, the same thing is now being inflicted by the government’s trained censors on the works of today’s truth tellers.
Abe Lincoln and his fellow Marxists really did something when they shoved the Marxist platform of  an all powerful central government’s control of education down Southern throats during those dozen or so years of Marxist orchestrated Reconstruction, didn’t they?  The Marxist band played the overture back then and we’re hearing more of their music now.  The Marxist band really played loudly and clearly when the Department of Education became an official part of the U.S. government –with its own Secretary in 1980. The present Bushy No Kid Left Behind Program is just another wrinkle in the fabric of  central government control over the minds of Americans. (Shades of Marxism?)    As the twig is bent left, so leans the kid.  And please show me in the U.S. Constitution the amendment that allows this.
"In 1980, Congress established the Department of Education as a Cabinet level agency. Today, ED operates programs that touch on every area and level of education. The Department’s elementary and secondary programs annually serve more than 14,000 school districts and some 56 million students attending more than 97,000 public schools and 28,000 private schools. Department programs also provide grant, loan, and work-study assistance to nearly 11 million postsecondary students."  (the Department of Education’s online site so says. while claiming that the States still have all or most of their power).
`Should you think that the all powerful Central government has no control over the textbooks studied and often memorized by the kids, think again! The Marxist music goes round and round and comes out the mouths of our kids’ teachers and on the pages of the politically correct, politically selected text books paid for by our politically correct, although constitutionally illegal, Federal taxes, as well as our local property taxes which grow higher and higher as we buy more and more books for children of illegals.
How sad it is that censorship of books done on a nationwide level via some national library association  (comprised of members all well trained in government sticky-fingered institutions of higher learning) keeps the TRUE history books such as  Red Republicans and Lincoln’s Marxists by W. D. Kennedy and Al Benson out of the sight of our young and off  school and public library shelves throughout the nation—maybe even in Alaska?  The Thomas DiLorenzo books and the Frank Conner masterpiece are, also, sadly missing, as are all of the magnificent books authored by  Walter and James Kennedy. The works of my favorite iconoclastic authors are missing also from the shelves of the local Barnes & Nobel while those works of the highly touted history revisionists (all members of the Lincoln cult, and the true HISTORY REVISIONISTS) have their expensive texts glorifying the sanctity of Comrade Lincoln cluttering up shelf after shelf of history.
Wouldn’t it be absolutely wonderful if book shops and libraries would all have at least one shelf dedicated to true history books?   Censorship is certainly being done by somebody.  One can find all manner of books teaching the wonders of homosexuality, but next to nothing on the injustices heaped on descendants of Confederates and upon the flag so dear to our hearts and nothing about the real reasons Lincoln and his Marxists engineered the total destruction of a sovereign nation that asked only to be left alone, and why the punishment of Reconstruction was designed, how the Communists in the sixties, successfully, stirred up racial strife and blamed it on slavery and only that which existed in the South, and how the Constitution was forever shredded by that Lincoln- Marxist -Republican regime–allowing today’s Republican President Bush II to declare it "just a gd piece of paper."
I hope that you, just as I, have reached the point where anger enters the picture when awareness of this horrific type of  book censorship colors the page. I hope you will march into your nearest book shop and ask the manager to order some true history books and make them available to the public. I hope you will agree with me that control of education must be returned to the people and that means to the states. I hope you will recognize that librarian- censors are diabolically burying Southern truths and that book stores, in business to sell books, are not selling the history books not written by Lincoln-cult historians.
Joan Hough