Sun Newspaper article


Dear Charles,

As usual I enjoy SHNV newsletter.

In Lowell Massachusetts The Sun Newspaper dated July 2 there appears Öur Gettysburg Hero "Union General Adelbert Ames" who died in Tewksbury Mass, near Boston. In Profiles of Courage, President JFK criticizes him for his participation in Mississippi Reconstruction and Kennedy is later criticized by Gen. Ames’ descendants as a result.

He also received the Medal of Honor after 1st Bull Run -MANASSAS for Bravery. How a Yankee can be honored after nearly the entire army was guilty of cowardice, subsequently running from the field of battle is beyond my comprehension. My point is that we honor our Southern heroes and are condemned for doing so yet the North gives full page spreads in the daily news with maps, photographs and timeline history.

Gary Price