Summary of the 1860’s: The NCHF Institute’s Alternative View
Dear SHNV Friends,
The American system of government was deeply flawed coming into 1860 contrary to the ill-faded and misguided trust people had (and still have) in their national constitution and government. The U.S. "worked for a period" and worked better in some States than in others. It was the character of the people more than the nature of the Constitution of the U.S. that made it work.  This is rarely understood by todays historians.
The U.S. Constitution was NOT SELF-ENFORCING and appropriate monitoring mechanisms were not in place making it possible for the structure of the central to violate and abuse its delegated powers and disempowered the sovereign authority of the States. This possibility had been foreseen by such men as Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and other Virginians.



Southern Statesmen and States had tried to correct the fatal flaws and failed, because New England had small States, and with two Senators per State they had a disproportioned representation in Congress. Six small New England States with a land mass about the size of Kansas had a total of 12 Senators. That is as many as had Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi combined.
Abraham Lincoln pull off what may be described more accurately as an "EXECUTIVE-MILITARY COUP" by privately and largely in secret usurping the limited authority of his office as President of the United States. Then he subjugated the section of the country who saw through his rouse and the corruptions of government by the New England States that hated their "limited" powers and inability to more forcibly control the other States and were burning copies of the Constitution of the United States in their streets.
The title "Civil War" is important to the scheme of deception and was used by Lincoln’s government and its Department of War. The title more specific in the Department of War and was "The War of the Rebellion" and served as a propagandistic distraction for the secretive behind-the-scenes usurpations by Lincoln and his co-conspirators. Every time this term is used it is an affirmation in the belief that this raw grab for power by the entrench northern rebel government was fully justified.
This enabled the manipulative industrial and corrupt banking elite of New England to eliminate (murder) U.S. President Lincoln when his usefulness to them was over and thus ensure their total control over the future destiny of the United States. When the powers of the U.S. constitution were usurped by Lincoln the moral and legal authority of the constitution had been abrogated giving birth to an abusive totalitarians centralised empire.
The U.S. Government has become much more centralised since the Lincoln administration and even more despotic at home and abroad. While the U.S. system of rule appears to be failing to be replaced by relentless global communism with its all powerful fascist forms there is little sign that there are enough people who understand the operations of large centralised government control who have even a hint of the nature of liberty and freedom as conceived by the original Founders of the free North American republics.  The death of truly moral and intellectual and critical thinking cannot make a reemergence without the restoration of orthodox Christian beliefs and practices. The defining core of modernity is not freedom and liberty; rather, it is one of force and coercion.

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