Suit filed yesterday (12-21-09)
We’re going to need help to push this suit forward — I hope Lee is proud we’re trying to "strike them a blow"
Please send your financial support to Kentucky Division Adjutant Dr. William Wells, 1443 SR 1124, Mayfield, KY 42066, marked Bazz Childress Legal Fund, payable to the Kentucky Division Sons of Confederate Veterans.
The link provided by Tom Dilorenzo in a blog post
How Abraham Lincoln’s presidency paved the way for today’s bloated "Leviathan" government
Concord flag piece in Civil War News
Article above by reporter Scott Boyd.
Below email sent to him for updating article now that the civil suit has been filed (see attached)

Copy of recorded complaint
To:  Scott Boyd <>
My comments upon the filing:
Today we took the first step toward an effort to dig our heels in the sand and say, "ENOUGH!".
In July of 2008, an innkeeper in Concord, North Carolina in the spirit of the Cultural Marxism that today pervades the modern mind, surrendered to those "agitators" who would hold that the whole of the American story (let alone its Southern component) is about class struggle (as conflated with "race" here in America) by having me arrested for displaying the symbol (the Confederate Battleflag) that has been denigrated by those who would so deceive as THE symbol of such evil enemies of progress.
That story of class/racial struggle is of course an interpretation – and despite its seeming success is a false interpretation, presenting us all with false choices.  If we accept that story, it will require we spit on the graves of our ancestors, because it requires us to redefine everything our ancestors (the white, black, red, and every shade, ethnicity and nationality in between who comprised those who made up Southern armies) believed and for which they truly fought in order to avoid being insulted and indeed, arrested for insisting on the right to tell the story differently than the way modern political abstractions require they be told.
On both my mother’s and father’s sides, my G4 grandfathers fought in North Carolina regiments in the fight to successfully secede from the British Empire in order to escape the official plunder sanctioned by the corrupt economic practices of that empire.   Their grandsons fought in Southern armies 80 years later to prevent the reestablishment of similar practices, incredibly, by the US government their states had created to guard against such.
I will not dishonor their memory and sacrifice by failing to point out the facts of the matter, regardless of how it may grate on the modern ear.  And can there be any doubt, given the pillage made possible in all the bailouts and stimuli put in place to rescue politically favored businesses at the expense of the taxpayer during the last year, that our ancestors were right in fighting against the system that wedded big business interests to the power of the central government to favor and aid them at public expense?
There is only one human "race".  All the rest is an artifice, turned into a political weapon by those who distract with its power while they rob  us blind as we are distracted.  It is time we told the right story.  I thank the innkeeper for presenting an opportunity for a forum to tell a different tale.
I leave with this quote from Tom Watson, one of the leading lights of the Southern Populist movement of the 1890s who said, "You

[white and black Southerners] are made to hate each other because upon that hatred is rested the keystone of the arch of financial despotism which enslaves you both. You are deceived and blinded that you may not see how this race antagonism perpetuates a monetary system which beggars you both."
I’m looking very much forward to this tangle.   Mr. Griffin, you might want to do some reading between now and your deposition(s)
Basil D. (Bazz) Childress
Lexington, Kentucky
PS: What They Fought To Prevent:
"The commemorative celebration of the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence took place at Charlotte on May 20th. The streets were fairly decked with flags and banners, filled with citizen soldiers in bright uniforms, and at least 20,000 people from the surrounding country. Governor Jarvis and his staff, Senators Vance, Ransom, Wade Hampton and Bayard were present. The Mecklenburg Declaration was read by Senator (and former Confederate General Matt W.) Ransom, and Senator Vance introduced the orator of the occasion, Thomas F. Bayard of Delaware. The address was enthusiastically received, especially the sentiments contained in the following extract:
"I wish I could impress upon you gentlemen, and not upon you only but upon our fellow-countrymen everywhere, the fatal fallacy and mischief that underlies and inheres to every proposition to use the money of the people—drawn from them by taxation, the powers of the government, the force of their government, under any name or pretext—for any other than really public objects and ends. I include the maintenance of the public honor, dignity, and credit, the protection of American citizenship everywhere, among the just objects for the exercise of governmental powers;  but I wish to deny….the rightfulness of involving the welfare and happiness of the 50,000,000 men, women, and children of the country, whether by laying taxes upon them which are not needed for the support of their government, or paying bounties and subsidies to maintain lines of private business which are too unskillfully or unprofitably conducted otherwise to sustain themselves, or promising the presence of our fleets or armies, or risking the issue pf peace or war, or shedding the blood of our soldiers and sailors in aid of schemes of private greed or personal ambition under the guise of claims foreign or domestic."
(North Carolina, Appleton’s Annual Cyclopedia, 1882, New Series Vol VII, D. Appleton and Company, 1883, page 634)