Suggestion for TV program to watch this Saturday night
Larry Logan wrote:
Sometimes the History Channel doesn’t treat Confederate Heritage with an even brush. Having said that, they do have a documentary entitled, "You Don’t Know Dixie." I watched it the first time it was on and thought it was fine. You can always find something you don’t like about almost any item, but, on a whole, it was a positive exposure for being a person who is proud they hail from Dixie. Included are former Florida State football coach Bobby Bowden, former Georgia Bulldog and NFL running back Herschel Walker, country singer Trace Adkins, and it is narrated by Charlie Daniels. If you know anything about Charlie Daniels, you know he would not be involved in anything detrimental about the South.
It is on again this Saturday night at 7 our time. It is two hours and if you can’t watch it live, you might consider recording it for later viewing. I did and have already watched it again.
The remark about how devastated the South was after the war was repeated several times.
Just a suggestion.