Students To Save Forrest Hall


I would like to forward you an email which was sent to the "Students To Save Forrest Hall" in response to Monday’s DNJ article on Mr. H.K. Edgerton. While there is no legal expectation of privacy with emails, I felt encouraged to share this email with the local community. This email originated from a Rev. George Brooks of Murfreesboro.


"Nathan Bedford Forrest was a racist coward, who had a huge number of black Union soldiers killed while in captivity by the racist white trash rascals serving under him. And you and others in defense of this racist thing are attempting to avoid the Fort Pillow issue, or twist it around as not being that important with lies. A trait that white folks are famous for, while falsely pretending to be followers of Christ.

However, a black scholar, college professor, clergyman and author, Dr. James Cone, is absolutely correct when he says that white Christians, especially these Evangelists, are actually the anti-christ.

Several black college professors of black history will be going on television soon to give the real facts about Forrest, and expose these lies that white racists are popping up all over the place to try and make fools of the public, including you who seemingly are just getting into the act with NO real facts to back you up. Other than perhaps some racist white historian’s point of view, which we of the black community are not going to accept.

Rev. George Brooks


Allow me to clarify that the Sons of Confederate Veterans is a non-racial heritage organization and our intent is to simply preserve our community’s Southern Heritage and culture through education with documented historical facts. We wish to remove the barriers that have separated the White and Black communities for so many years and work to instill respect of all cultures through acceptance of diversity. Our Southern Heritage belongs to the Black community just as much as to the White.

The "Students To Save Forrest Hall" have created an online petition to keep the name of "Forrest Hall." Anyone may log on to this website and offer their support.

In addition, Oaklands Historic House Museum will serve as the main petition site where anyone wishing to offer their support may drop by and sign the petition. I wish to thank you all for your efforts in reporting both sides of this controversial issue.

Preserving Their Honor,

R. Todd Gober
Tennessee Division Sons of Confederate Veterans Historian
P O Box 1915, Murfreesboro, TN 37133-1915

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