HS student gets lesson in some truth
From: GeorgiaFlagger@JoiMail.com
Dear Miss Demi,
Yours is quite the hate filled opinion, zero tolerance for those not towing the political correct linel. Wow, it is amazing to see how you deal with others expressing an opinion out of line with what you have been taught. Such vitriolic language.
OK The Confederate Battleflag was and is simply a soldier’s flag, thus the term "Battleflag" Have you ever walked a battlefield where Southern Soldier marched across in line of battle and fell by the thousands under that flag? There was not 1 second of ‘dehumanizing’ anybody, ma’am.
The war was over in 1865. The Ku Klux Klan was born in 1866, and then adopted the United States National Stars and Stripes as their groups standard. The KKK has marched, rallied, paraded and burned crosses under the US Flag ever since, ma’am.
The Confederate Battleflag was taken by American troops to many foreign theatres of war, from the Battle of Shuri Castle on Okinawa (suggest you do research, ma’am) to Korea, Viet Nam, Iraq, and Afghanistan, and not a single second of ‘dehumanizing’ anybody, ma’am.
The Confederate Battleflag was used at the downfall of the Berlin Wall in opposition to tyranny, and against the ‘dehumanizing" of people, ma’am.
And here we read where Mr Byron Thomas has used it in a non ‘dehumanizing’ and ‘racist’ way, that you just cannot seem to comprehend. Books and minds are absolutely of no use unless they are opened. I suggest you open yours ASAP, ma’am.