Stowe reconsidered?
The following is from my Dixie Diary column in the April 04 Nationalist Times newspaper about Uncle Tom’s Cabin and its authoress:
<<<PHOTO CAPTION: Harriet Beecher Stowe — racist 9/11-linked anti-Semite Neo-Nazi of the month? (See Feb. 20)

[Mr. Gale] Jarvis’s “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” column…………
liberates yet another subject on which the “common knowledge” is dead wrong — Harriet Beecher Stowe’s famous novel, and her respectable agenda in writing it. In a postscript to the book, she praised Southerners’ “purity of character” and declared of the institution of slavery, “Do you say that the people of the free states have nothing to do with it? The people of the free states have defended, encouraged, and participated; and are more guilty for it, before God, than the South. There are multitudes of slaves temporarily owned, and sold again, by merchants in Northern cities; and shall the whole guilt or obloquy of slavery fall only on the South? Northern men, Northern mothers, Northern Christians, have something more to do than denounce their brethren at the South; they have to look to the evil among themselves”!>>>
I haven’t read the book myself — it would be interesting if anyone who has can comment on the book’s real thrust. Maybe it’s the exact opposite of what’s publicly believed? Stranger things have happened…. you know, like the world thinking Lincoln was anti-slavery and anti-racist all those years when he was actually a white supremacist bent on stampeding the entire population onto the federal plantation?
Comments, please!
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