The flag was a banner, a sign to the Confederate soldiers to gather in a spot through the smoky battlefield. The thousands of black Confederate solders who fought freely for the South would not fight for Dixie had it been about slavery.

The battle flag was adopted by the KKK and used wrongly, just as the cross is used wrongly by anti-God groups. I think it is a shame that the Confederate flag that once flew over the Confederate states legally cannot have the respect it deserves. I am native American; do you hear my people complain about the U.S. flag? Were the slaves any more suppressed than my people? Our lands were taken, and our women and children were raped and murdered. We were gathered and put on islands, and our customs and our way of living were stripped.

Do we have Native American history week, or a Miss Native American beauty contest? Do you know how many of my people fought for Dixie? The slaves themselves were betrayed by their own people, tribes capturing and selling them to the slave merchants.

Not one slave ship flew the Confederate flag. The Civil War was not about slavery. It was about the rights of the states. Abe Lincoln freed slaves only in the rebellious states. What about the slaves in the other slave states? How long did it take for them to be freed?

The flag that once flew over the capital isn’t even the flag the KKK uses. Big-mouthed people who want to keep the slavery issue alive and who complain at anything Confederate will not be happy until the word Confederate is never spoken and long forgotten about.

Cathy Bernatowicz
Haw River NC