Time to stop all this historical cleansing

Published: March 21, 2008

To the Editor:
Cumberland Times-News

I consider anyone that “considers” any part of American history as a symbol of hatred un-American and a racist.

If we give in on this what other segment of American history will be up for grabs.

The American flag? It flew over legalized slavery, the KKK files it every day. George Washington owned slaves. Think he should be removed from our history books? General U.S. Grant owned a slave and so did General Sherman. Erase their history too?

If Americans don’t get a handle on all this historical cleansing that is going on today our great nation will be toast. Good or bad history is history. Study it, that what’s it’s all about. Confederate history is American history.

Confederate veterans are American veterans. And if they were not, then why is the Veterans Administration Supplying FREE grave markers to replace damaged (vandalized) or unreadable Confederate markers?

I’m sure only American vets can take advantage of this program. Look up grave markers on the VA Web page. You will find that Confederate Veterans are considered American vets.

As covered by U.S. Code 38 enacted in 1957,” The definition of a civil war veteran will include those who served in the military and naval forces of the Confederate States of America.”

I have personally ordered three markers myself for Confederate American Veterans.

Jay Cross

Pierson Fla.

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