Stonewall of the West makes a stand against a communist
I noted the article in the Murfreesboro paper mentioning General Cleburne and August Willich. What surprised me was that the article actually admitted that Willich was a communist.
Too bad more papers around the country don’t admit that many of these Yankee generals we see mentioned so often in articles were socialists and communists. This is a subject most of them prefer to sweep under the rug in the hope that no one will ever know.
Donnie Kennedy and I in Red Republicans and Lincoln’s Marxists deal with many of these Lincolnite Reds in some detail, giving their background and telling what they were really all about (socialism in America). You have to wonder why none of this has ever been brought out in the "history" books. Surely someone must have discovered some of this before a couple ol’ country boys like Donnie Kennedy and I found out about it you’d think. Well, yes, it was well-known in academia for quite awhile, but academia decided it was better for their agenda if the public just didn’t know all this stuff. The image of the "great emancipator" might have been tarnished just a might if folks knew some of his friends were socialist and communist revolutionaries. So the past several generations have been treated to "Selective History 101" in our government schools. I shouldn’t use the word "our" because these schools have never been "ours" from day one.
Our book gives you the forbidden chapter in the history of the War of Northern (socialist) Aggression that you won’t get anywhere else.
Al Benson Jr.