From: Georgia Flagger <>
Date: Sun, Apr 15, 2012

[FlagFight] Stone Mountain recap
To: Georgia Division <>

The speeches given by the UDC, Children of the Confederacy, and CiC Givens were excellent. The cannonfire and colorguard and musket fire were fantastic. 3 cheers for the SCVMC who, if but not for them, would have only had attendance of perhaps 12 spectators from our own people, who CiC Givens righgtfully called "our people who stayed at home in bed"
As for the rest, it was horrible!
The rambling of the MOSB guy was all over the map. He must be a full blown yankee liberal, because not only did he not say the Georgia state flag pledge. but he absolutely destroyed the singing of "DIXIE" then laughed about it by calling it a ‘new version’. BUT he sure did get every word of the pledge to the US flag correct!
AND while I am speaking the truth here, what in the HELL was the idea that we Confederates are to go to a Confederate Memorial and be subjected to negro spirituals and Union songs? WHO do we have to thank for that? Yankee lover songs blasting thru the speakers…
I have never heard such a ‘prayer’ as the opening one where the Reverend was giving political commentary and historical education. IMHO God already is fully aware of such things, and it has no place in a respectful communication to our Lord.
Come on MOSB, if you are gonna bash Stone Mountain, at least get your facts straight.
Do just the briefest research. Yes, it is true that most all new advertisements they cover the carving with just 3 lights, but as for the part about no hats with flags on them, in the gift shop at the top of the lawn are cheap repros of both kepis and officer hats with battleflags on them. It was only 200 yards away. If anyone of standing wishes, I took pictures of the section that does sell the Confederate themed items, and most all of it is trash, stupid redneck this and that and flaming flag hats with skulls on them and will share them should you wish to speak with the management and purchasing officer to clean that segment out and stock respectable items.
On a personal note, I would like to commend Stone Mountain for actually ENHANCING the state pavilions and the laser show. Yes, it will never be like we want, nor what it should be nor what it used to be as created, however, the state pavilions now each have a new granite block in addition to the old flat marker on the ground that is topped with very PRO Confederate information. The new laser show has done away with the flag furling and appomattox surrender and has pictures of battle reenactments and ends with a huge magnification of the carving with full torsos and horse legs fully enhanced.
The pine tree that had been smothering the UDC Flag Terrace Battleflag pole has been completely cut down.