Re: Why Americans are still fighting the Civil War

It would appear that Professor Zimmerman thinks he has a monopoly on truth. It would also appear that he has no personal email address listed. However, there is an email address available on the website that he is affiliated with, "The Historical Society of Pennsylvania."


Dear Professor Zimmerman,

First, history itself has always been a matter of differing “interpretations.” That’s the way it was when I majored in it as an undergraduate over 40 years ago and until the last 20 or 30 years, that’s the way it has always been. It has only been in the last 2 or 3 decades that doctrinaires such as you have contended otherwise. Well, those of us who remember what it was like before folks like you began to twist the truth and turn night into day are not going to cow-tow to you and we will continue to resist you. Deal with it and get over yourself.

Second, there is nothing wrong with “reconciliation” between two former enemies. “Reconciliation” of this type leads to “peace,” which is, in case you are unaware, a wonderful alternative to war. Ask anyone who’s ever been in a war and they will tell you that this is so. If you weren’t so full of yourself maybe you’d realize this. As a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans who grew up during the centennial I do long for the days when Americans, North and South, experienced a feeling of reconciliation. Thanks to you and people like you, that reconciliation is no longer there, and I find myself at war with reprobates like you.

Third, while there were no Confederate “black battalions” in the strict sense of the word “battalion” (as defined in an army organizational manual), there were thousands of black men in Confederate armies who performed support duties and who, yes, sometimes took up arms even though it was not their job, and, who did all these things honorably.  They did not regret their service and they attended Confederate veteran reunions after the war. Their service was both recognized by the white Confederate Veterans, and was memorialized on the Southern Monument which sits in the Confederate section of Arlington National Cemetery.  Nothing that you or any other know-it-all like you say will change what was. Their stories are on record by the way – read the Federal Writer’s Project, Slave Narratives if you dare. Remember, just because you disagree with something or don’t like something, does not mean it is not so. Remember too that you do not have a monopoly on “truth.” Once again, I suggest you get over yourself!

Next – The war was not fought over slavery. It was fought because the South tried to go its own way and the North refused to allow it to do so peacefully. You could say that people like me tried to distance themselves from people like you and that people like you simply couldn’t live without us (or without having someone around that they could bully). “All we ask is to be left alone.” – the words of many famous Southerners…. Look it up Professor!

And finally, please spare us the sobbing over “white man’s history.” No matter how intellectual bullies like yourself try to twist things, the fact remains that America was built by white men. Without them there is no America. I challenge you to prove otherwise. What you and others like you have tried to do in re-writing history books goes well beyond simple “inclusion” of other racial and ethnic groups. You have belittled the accomplishments of those that actually built this country and have instead taken bit players in history and raised them to the level of “iconic status.” You’ve tossed out the entrée’ and you’ve kept the
gravy! There is no truth in this type of thing. There is only misinformation. And those of us who can still think on our feet will resist you to the end.

Bill Vallante
Commack NY
Sons of Confederate Veterans, Associate Member
Camps 3000, 1961, 1506, 2086