Stereotypes squared at Allen Central


Mr. Hawpe, if you could see past your own liberal prejudice & bigotry towards Southerners you would not stereotype the school children at the high school in Eastern Kentucky who only want to honor their heritage through the use of the flag of their ancestors, the Confederate battleflag. Many Southerners were not the ignorant, barefooted hicks that you present them as being. Just about everyone in the South during that period of time aspired to someday be apart of that classic culture that the social elite represented. Had they been as ignorant & poor as you describe them instead of being wealthy & educated the US government would not have cared if their states had seceded from the union. However, the Southern states at that time were wealthy & did pay the lion’s share of the taxes to the US government. The Southern states only became poor after it was invaded & plundered by the Union army & the occupation government of the reconstruction era. We remain poor today because of their actions of aggressiveness & unfair business practices when dealing with us since then. So how about extending some of that tolerance & inclusiveness you liberals are always telling us to extend to others. It is we who have bent over backwards to allow others their heritage for the past 40 or 50 years while ours is under an ever increasing attack. As for myself, I ran out of sympathy a long time ago for those that would destroy me or mine & this includes journalists like you who cater & foster lies against us. Those school children in Eastern Kentucky have every reason to be proud of who they are & where they came from. The only news here (and it’s the same old news ) is that liberal yankees & their lackeys like you in the establishments media continue to try to embarrass us into being ashamed of who we are & submitting to your will instead of our own. So put a cork in it, your wailing & gnashing of teeth no longer works with us.

Billy E. Price
Ashville, Alabama

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