To the Editor:
Why the continued double-standard in the media? The recent article about the 10 most redneck towns in America & Alabama is indirect, subtle racism.
Redneck is a racial term, as is cracker, hillbillies, etc. for someone from rural America in general & more specifically the south. The criteria used to come to your conclusions were how many white Christian, NASCAR fans, gun shops, etc. were located in those areas.
I suggest you do a study on the 10 most thug towns in America / Alabama & call them smoke neck towns directing your racial references towards blacks. You can use the consumption of fried chicken, pork, watermelon & crime in an area to draw your conclusions. Or you could do a study on Native Americans, Hispanics, Asians, ect. using the stereotypes for those races as well.
As this is something you would never do to the black race or any other race so, then you should afford all other races the same respect & dignity. To do otherwise only points out your selective racism.
Billy E. Price
Ashville, Al.