Strange circumstances regarding statues of Davis and Lincoln


Times Dispatch
Richmond, VA

Dear Sir,

I am a former resident of Richmond, now living about an hour away, and am very curious about your apparent position against the statue of CSA President Jefferson Davis with the young lad, Jim Limber, who Mrs. Davis rescued from physical abuse, and who was then enveloped into the loving arms of the Davis family. As you are aware, President Davis and his family lived for four years in Richmond.

Neither Abraham Lincoln nor his son, Tod, ever lived in Richmond, VA, but for some odd reason which defies understanding, there is a statue of Abraham Lincoln with his son, Tod, physically in Richmond, VA. You don’t want statues of famous people who did live there, but you do want statues of famous people who didn’t live there. Not only does this not make good sense, but it doesn’t make ANY sense at all. Perhaps Richmond prefers to overlook the shelling, burning and looting of the city as directed by Lincoln, in order to trade on a lie . . . which is what political correctness is all about!

We DO know that Lincoln was the most tyrannical president this country has ever had. He spent his entire time in office moving from one Constitutional violation to the next. In process, he oversaw the killing over 600,000 soldiers and the indiscriminate murder of scores of thousands of Southern civilians including old men, women and children.

You’re aware, of course, that Lincoln’s chief motive in all this was to abolish the Constitution of the United States as written, which he accomplished. Lincoln used slavery as a war measure after losing several key battles in the first two years.

E.D. Stewart, Jr.
Courtland, VA