Statue of Lee Threatened


Our History Needs Your Help,

My name is Judson Watkins; I need your help. The president of the University of Texas in Austin is considering removal of the Confederate statues from the university lawn. This is a statue that honors our Texas ancestors. These statues are not depicting racism or supporting slavery. We descendants are trying to honor our ancestors.

If you would like to help, please send a letter expressing your disgust of the idea of removal. I have attached a sample letter to aid you in the letter writing process.

The University of Texas at Austin
President’s Office
PO Box T
Austin, TX 78713


Judson Watkins

Vote: Should the U.T. of Texas remove its statues of Confederate leaders?


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The University of Texas at Austin
President’s Office
PO Box T
Austin, TX 78713

Dear President Powers,

It has come to my attention that the University of Texas is once again considering removing statues dedicated to Texas and Southern heroes of the War for Southern Independence. I am deeply offended that your administration would even think of taking such an action. If you succumb to politically correct forces, you will show your complete disregard for historical truth as you opt for the easy road of capitulation to those that know nothing of the men and the purpose of their nation commemorated by those statues.

Clearly, the Southern States constitutionally resumed their status of sovereign States by holding secession conventions and voting themselves out of the Union. After which, they continued to adhere to the one part of the United States Constitution that the executive branch of the federal government is ‘required’ to ensure for the People in the Guarantee Clause. Throughout its short life, the Confederacy always maintained a ‘Republican’ form of government as required in that Clause of the United States Constitution. By so doing, the leaders of the Southern States maintained the only constitutionally binding tie to the men that wrote the original Constitution.

Anyone that argues that the statues are dedicated to men that were rebels and traitors do not know their history very well. That, I believe is the fault of our education system in this State. The Confederacy was formed to uphold the concept of State’s Rights. Anyone arguing that the Confederacy was formed just to protect the institution of slavery does not know Civics. If slavery was the only thing to be protected by the Confederate States then they would better do so by ‘remaining’ in the Union since it takes a 2/3 majority of both houses of Congress, followed by 3/4 of the States to ratify an amendment to the Constitution. Since the original Constitution guarantees slavery it would require an amendment to remove it. The South could preclude this possibility virtually forever. Why leave the Union?

Why did the federal government make no effort at ‘compensated emancipation’ if the government’s reason for unconstitutionally invading the Southern States was to ‘free the slaves’. Compensated Emancipation was done in all the Western countries of the 19th century. Why not here? Why did the Emancipation Proclamation not free a single slave when issued in January 1863? Clearly, it was in the power of the President of the United States to do so. That proclamation was issued merely to stave off European recognition of the Confederate States and keep England and France out of the war.

Slavery, as a ’cause’ of that war, is a myth perpetrated on the People by the federal government for over 140 years. Money, specifically tariffs, was the true reason for the war. In 1860, the country forgot George Washington’s warning against political parties and ‘sectional’ politics. Without receiving one Southern electoral vote, President Lincoln was voted into office. President Lincoln, like most of the Republicans, was a former Whig. The Whigs, of course, were dedicated to the ‘American System’ and protecting New England industries.

The Southern States could clearly understand what would be coming next – higher tariffs. After almost 50 years of tariffs levied primarily against the Southern States to the benefit of the Northern States and punctuated by political and public abuse over the institution of slavery, the Southern States saw no other recourse except to leave the Union. Their fears were confirmed in early 1861 when the federal Congress passed the Morrill Tax Act, which raised import/export tariffs to 40 percent. Had the federal government truly wanted to have the Southern States peacefully return to the Union, this one act killed any such possibility. This tariff was followed by the attempt to reinforce Fort Sumter in the middle of the South’s largest port. The die was surely cast, yet it was cast by Northern hands and not Southern ones. 600,000 Americans were doomed to perish in the next four years because the federal government did not wish to give up its income provided by the Southern States.

Before the war, when one spoke of the United States, they spoke in the plural – the United States ‘are’. Since that war, the terminology used is – the United States ‘is’. The original Republic, as it was originally established, died in 1865.

Your statues are dedicated to brave Southern men who stood for precisely the same principles as the men and boys that stood at Lexington and Concord eighty years before. They stood for freedom and the right of self-determination.

I ask that you take no action against the statues that are placed in your care. The legislature of the State of Texas, in 2001, stated the same with the passage of § 2166.5011[0] to the Texas Government Code. You should consider this law as part of your decision making process. I look forward to hearing from you on this subject at the earliest opportunity.



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