States Rights


This is my reply to a letter from Brian denigrating States Rights and the C.S.A.

Brian, you are obviously one very confused individual. Let me reply to your letter condemning States Rights and the C.S.A.

You said – "…states rights allowed the greatest evil in the world to exist until the 1860s, slavery."

The truth – Slavery existed thousands of years before states rights was ever thought of. Every American colony had slaves, starting with Massachusetts. The states didn’t come into existence until 150 years after early Americans started using slave labor.

You said – "…states rights lead to the Civil War…"

The truth – This country was build on the principles of States rights and for several decades flourished well on States rights. It was Lincoln trampling on States rights that brought about the "Civil War" (by definition, it was not a civil war)

You said – "The C.S.A. because of its racist institutions of slavery would allied itself with Nazi Germany."

The truth – Hitler and the Nazi Party admired Abe Lincoln and praised Abe’s trampling on Southern independence. Hitler, Karl Marx and Lenin spoke against States rights and for building a stronger central government. All three spoke in favor of Lincoln.

You said – "the Jews would have been eliminated."

The truth – The North’s General Grant, expelled Jews from his staff as a class of people. General Lee recruited Jewish priests to administer to the religious needs of Jews in the Confederate army. Judah Benjamin, Secretary of State in the Confederacy held the highest position of any Jew in either the north or South.

You said – "The United States would no longer exist in this alternate and "evil" world."

The truth – The Confederate States repeatedly stated that they had no desire to destroy the U.S. but asked to only take the Declaration of Independence and Constitution and go live in peace.

You said – "We would not be a democracy anymore."

The truth – We are not a democracy now! We are suppose to be a Constitutional Representative Republic. The founding father voted against a democracy believing it would lead to "mob rule".

You said – "… the American revolution would have been betrayed."

The truth – Lincoln and his Northern army of conquest did betray the American Revolution which was fought for the principles embodied in the Declaration of Independence which clearly stated that any people has the right to break away and form a new government.

You said – "Nazi Germany would rule the world with the CSA as an ally or puppet state."

The truth – Hitler stated in his book Mein Kampf, that he shared with Lincoln the same ideas for a big and powerful central government. If Lincoln was alive in the 1930’s, he would have allied with Hitler. Both arrested their political enemies, shut down hundreds of news papers, confiscated guns, nationalized the railroads, imprisoned thousands of their own citizens and murdered anyone that refused to submit to their plan for a more powerful central government.

You said – "..states rights opposed the civil rights of African Americans and denied that "all men are created equal…"

The truth – Lincoln made it clear numerous times – "…I will say then that I am not, nor have been in favor of bringing about in any way the social and political equality of the white and black races…, … there must be a position of superior and inferior, and I as much as any other man am in favor of having the superior position assigned the white race." Abe Lincoln Sept. 1858, Charleston Illinois Blacks served in the Southern Army with equal pay as the whites. In the Union, blacks served only in the USCT (United States Colored Troops) always under white officers and with less pay.

You said – "I firmly believe there is only one race in the United States, the American."

The truth – Now that sounds like a statement Hitler could make. What about the race of Native Americans? You know, the race of people Lincoln’s army tried to commit genocide on. Remember, one of Lincoln’s top generals, Sheridan, said "The only good Indian is a dead Indian."?

You said – "…the KKK and other "hate" groups… must be crushed and wiped out…

The truth – I am glad you are against hate groups. If you want to wipe them out, look to the north. The Klan has its headquarters in Gary Indiana. The FBI Hate Crime Report says that there more hate groups stationed in New Jersey than any other state. Also, recently, New York alone reported about as many hate crimes as all the Southern States combined.

You said – "States Rights would have brought about a scary and dangerous world."

The truth – We live in a very scary and dangerous world now!!!!

For Dixie

Jack Lipthratt
League of the South