States Rights
States Rights was never about slavery or segregation it was about a state’s right to choose its own destination whether that state be from above or below the Mason-Dixon Line. In spite of the political mileage liberal groups have gotten from presenting this constitutional fact to the contrary for many years, this same truth exists today as it did in 1776.
Today states face many internal issues that have nothing to do with the past issues of slavery, segregation or denying anyone their constitutional rights. However, liberal groups still use their twisted version of states rights against any proposal a state considers viable for its future existence in modern times.
Not only do those same groups fight against state measures that do not fit their liberal agenda they also fight against the U.S. Constitution that guarantees a state the right to pursue those issues. Thus, states rights is used as a liberal code word for “slavery, segregation & the denial of their agenda.”
The failure in all of this rests not with those liberal groups who seek to fulfill their own agenda, no matter how loony they are but, with state & national elected officials who cannot or will not see through their liberal ploys & crush them through the constitutional laws that are in place to deal with such matters.
Until statesmen & constitutionalist step to the forefront & take charge of our government at all levels we can only expect more of the same.
Billy E. Price
Ashville Alabama