State/region differences, cont.
Every poll, survey, cross-section, and "finding" on how US states or regions are faring has something to tell us. I’ve recently been told, for instance, that SC’s abysmal standing for academic prowess — always 49th or 50th — is partly because kids get to repeat standard tests multiple times if they don’t do well, and that each time one of them does, it’s figured into the overall average.
Comes now an article (per the Nationalist Times newspaper’s online news feed) which should embarrass any gliberal: "New Study Shows Ten States Face Fiscal Crisis".
"California is worst off," it says,  "but hardly alone. Others include Arizona, Florida, Illinois, Michigan, Nevada, New Jersey, Oregon, Rhode Island and Wisconsin."
The list doesn’t happen to have a single iconically Southern state. Comments, please, on why. I’m guessing that all things being equal, the states in question would be those who have shown the greatest fiscal incompetence. Uruguay for instance has had no bailout or stimulus and its economy is still slowly, steadily growing. They say banks such as Arthur State, which reportedly didn’t take part in the great folly, are still pretty good and sound.
Florida is of course a valiant Southern state tragically impacted by yankee and alien mayhem. Please understand that when I’m not entirely positive about it, I’m not in any way lowrating the magnificent work Southern patriots have done there.