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Dear Brethren (hundreds bcc herein- permission to forward),

Thanks to our Confederate Brother for this forward (herein & below).

Last night’s ‘State of the Dis-Union’ speech by this street corner hustler from Chicago, Mr. Acorn himself- Barack Hussein Obama, was nothing short of pathetic!

What was equally pathetic was the manner in which his party’s peoples groveled at his feet and lauded him afterwards for a “Fine Speech.”

This group of drooling, unabashed & shameless lot of sorry-ass ‘elected’ officials represents, one and all, that valedictorian class from that esteemed Socialist School of Saul Alinsky.

As ‘Rome’ (this Country) continues to burn, this flagrant lot of miscreants & reprobates offer little other than their usual Arrogance & Down-Right disrespect for the intelligence of the American electorate.

Their apparent & obvious repugnancy for the Republic they leech off, like a piglet does of its mothers teat, is indicative of a dark & deeply seeded contempt for a land and her people whose prowess often shines through when their disciple of chicanery himself, the Deacon of BS- Obama, bows before anyone and everyone while summarily condemning America for its past transgressions.

This man’s tract record reads like a map of the bizarre & the surreal.

NOT a single, solitary thing do we truly know about this man for his entire background has Never been exposed or remotely approached by the Lame Street Media, yet he beat Clinton and was ‘elected’ president of this debased & horribly soiled & contaminated cesspool known as Washington, DC.

Just WHO is behind him and what POWER do they wield that could desecrate, pervert and defile such a Country in the name of Homogenized & Humanitarian Socialism disguised as Entitlements that would corrupt ALL that ever was?

NOT a single thing he has done, or would do, speaks to ANY level of logic or common-sense whatsoever.

His recent veto of the KeyStone Pipeline from Canada is but one of many examples that defy the simple!

Untold millions of barrels of oil would find their way to our refineries in the Gulf & coupled with this Country’s largest Natural Gas & Oil deposits, not to mention our Coal reserves, and we could be Energy-Independent from the rest of the world Forever!

But that would suggest an Independent America, free from the Global Cabals who run the International Banks who set the mantra of today’s conditions they call Globalism, that has made of every American a 4th class citizen because our Federal Government has conspired in this massive International Conspiracy because Power is what the secular Family’s desire.

Thus we have become their serfs and our dollar the manipulated casualty of their Federal Reserve System that uses the International Markets as their ‘playing fields’ that ultimately describe and impact the way America goes and the manner of sustenance that any American will be forced to realize because of their proclivity for the obscene.

This is beyond a Culture of Corruption.

It is a Political Ideology encompassing the surreal of the past which includes every ‘ISM’ we have ever unfortunately become acquainted with (FederalISM, CommunISM, NazISM, FascISM, SociaISM, etc.).

Where we are all headed, is the consummate and un-imaginable ONE creation that man has yet to see, but nevertheless the ONE that every religion thus far has spoken of within their written texts- that being the all-seeing and all-controlling New World Order and One World Government.

There are those who meet in secret each year representing a consortium of some of the most prestigious people in the world.

Sadly, many of these folks and what they are all about & represent, are mostly foreign to the understanding and knowledge of the average person.

They are called the Council of Foreign Affairs; the Trilateral Commission and a variety of other names they go by whose members represent the highest levels of office throughout the world including many past American presidents; the highest Global Banking Establishments; Leaders & Owners of the Mass Media’s and more.

And, it is to their end, that America’s direction has been decided!

Obama is but their Messenger Boy and the prostituted alteration of this Republic, beginning as I have said in 1865, via a myriad of deceptive alterations of the Original 10 Amendments of the U.S. Constitution, they have cleverly aborted from them & their original intentions of clear direction, and set anew a new and very diabolical direction.

The Alteration of this Government via their 14th  (1866) & 17th Amendments (1913) in particular, served as the drafts from which the original draft was cast out and this abortion of revisionISM

Replacing them.

As such, the fundamental elements once concluded & created by the Founders NO LONGER EXISTS OR APPLIES.

Y’all have been duped and y’all have been screwed over many generations much like a slow-acting poison is enacted into an I.V. over time that ultimately results in the death of the patient…..but whose autopsy will NEVER SHOW THE REAL REASON FOR THE PATIENTS DEMISE……it will simply be addressed & ‘CHALKED’ UP to AGE!

When the Confederate Republic Lost, so Too did Two Country’s…but Only We Confederates Knew it at the Time!

Craig Maus,
President, The Confederate Society of America-
Proud Member of The Confederate Alliance of Independent Organizations- Staunch Supporters Endorsing the Full Restoration of that Confederate Republic that Never Surrendered!

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More of the same from Mr. Obama (or Bush, his miserable predecessor). Platitudes. And when that doesn’t work he simply coerces… forces people to do his bidding. So what else is new? That is the way so-called "rulers" have done it for thousands of years.

Individual freedom is a new idea — by historical standards only about 230 years old. But in the past 200 years the bureaucrats/politicians have re-discovered how to coerce Americans through force and fraud. Now they are working hard to suffocate and kill individual freedom once again.

All civilizations collapse for the same reason – "supply & demand":

The ideological demand for SECURITY is met with a political supply of TYRANNY.

The NDAA Act signed into "law" by Herr Obama on Dec. 31, 2011 dispenses with "due process" afforded all Americans by their Constitution. Like Bush, Obama loves to coerce. And like Bush, Obama has his bankster 1% elite who support him handsomely.

When are Americans going to be ready for REAL hope and REAL change?

Romoney, Gangrene, Sanatorium — more of the same. Status quo.

Business as usual in one word: coercion.

There is only one candidate who will truly work to protect Americans from an increasingly coercive federal bureaucracy. Only one candidate who truly believes in liberty and individual freedom:


Dr. Paul will heal America.