Date: November 12, 2009

Faux News is the propaganda organ of the neoconservatives, many of whom are former Trotskyites and other kinds of leftists, who have captured the Republican Party.  One of the principle tenets of neoconservatism is Lincoln worship/hatred of the South and all it has ever stood for.  They want government to be as big and as centralized as possible so that they can police/control/occupy/invade/get rich from tpolicing he rest of the entire world. They are true centralizers, which is why they are Lincoln worshipers and South haters.   That’s also why they constantly refer to "a higher law’ than the Constitution — or the Bible, or anything else. 

This is what Lincoln did to "justify" his actions.  This is what the neocons do to "justify" invading Iraq and proposing to invade and occupy Iran, Saudi Arabia, North Korea, Lebanan, and Syria (for starters).  Newt Gingrich proposed exactly this in a Wall Street Journal article entitled "Lincoln and Bush" a couple of years ago.  They want to spread Lincolnian "freedom" to all parts of the planet.  That’s why they had Bush announce in his second inaugural that his objective was to "eliminate evil" in the world!  Vintage Lincoln, written by a neocon speechwriter, most likely Ken Masugi from the Claremont Institute.

War is the health of the state and the state is the enemy of freedom. The Republican Party is the enemy of American freedom, just like the Democratic Party is.  Secession is the only hope unless the Republican Party completely implodes and disappears.

Tom DiLorenzo