Millions clogged the interstate entering the city of Columbia SC to attend the LET US VOTE campaign rally, closing the city down!!!
However, only  about 50-60 people (if that many) slipped through the road blocks (even after the S.C. National Guard was called out) to get to the State House to brave a cold and cloudy day to attend the rally – and it was indeed a chilly, cold, cloudy day.
One gentleman came all the way from Colorado.
Black Confederate HK Edgerton was the first on the State House grounds, proudly standing in front of the Confederate Soldiers monument with his flag, appearing to stand guard for the Confederate Soldier facing North, that guards the State House, and the Confederate flag in front of the State House.
The guest speakers provided some great speeches to those that attended.
3 beautiful Southern Belles attended the rally and spoke, one offering a wonderful rendition of the song Dixie. Although the lady’s each spoke to the audience, what was puzzling was that no men could be found to participate in the Best Rebel Yell Contest.
Each lady was provided a framed Certificate of Appreciation.
Was this rally a success?
That can best be answered with a Yes and No.
NO – in regard to the low turn out for the rally. But it was great to meet and socialize with those true to the heritage that did attend. It’s these kind of people that are always extra special to meet.
YES – in that the rally did generate some media attention from Fox News, and radio debate from stations like WORD RADIO in Greenville S.C. about the purpose of the rally being House Bill H3588, (which is currently dead – but could be brought back anytime), but more importantly, about NAACP racism directed against the heritage, of which many S.C. residents are well aware, and sick and tired of the NAACP, as well as the State News Paper that promotes NAACP racism – which just prior to the rally called heritage supporters “white supremist racist or Southern Heritage”.
YES – in that the NAACP, MEDIA, and LEGISLATORS were put on notice that at least 50 or 60 will brave any kind of weather for the flag – and that number is most certain to grow from this point.
About the low turnout – one gentleman stated “Better some, than none”.
Charles Parks encouraged the crowd not to be concerned with the low turnout, and stated that the low turn out did not affect his determination to continue raising awareness  about the flag and the Confederate Soldiers Monument;  his final words with determination being that “We WILL return, we WILL be back”. “This fight has only begun – we can only grow from here”.
Although many are to be commended for helping with the rally, HK Edgerton, and Paul Lawrence of Greenville S.C., and famous Southern novelist Jessica James, are to be especially commended for their help.
“We WILL return, we WILL be back”.
Paula Watson, CSA-HPS Supporter  “TILL WE VOTE”