In the Sunday paper, after the visit by race-baiter Al Sharpton to Memphis, I quote THE COMMERCIAL APPEAL on the front page of section 1,
"Attracted in part by the appearance of Al Sharpton, a modest crowd of
about 250 gathered peacefully for a rally for dignity to remove the statue of Nathan Bedford Forrest." This event had a tremendous amount of advance publicity by the news media, yet these racist hate mongers could only attract approximately 250? And those attending were not all LiSimba Gray/Al Sharpton supporters, as we recognized some of our own members in the faces in the crowd on the TV news coverage. (And of course, our Forrest Monument Centennial attracted nearly 1000 attendees, but THAT wasn’t news !?).

When the Centennial Celebration of the Forrest Equestrian Statue was held in July, the sponsors counted approximately 1,000 in attendance, and there was no advance public advertisement. This just goes to show that if we try hard enough, we can certainly muster more support for our side if we just get the word out to the community.

We recorded the TV news coverage from Saturday’s event in Forrest Park. This is an exact quote from Al Shaprton’s message Saturday August 13, 2005:

"We must fight until we take the names and statues down of Confederates all over the South and start with Memphis as the national example."

First Forrest in Memphis, then the rest of the South. Is your town next?

Now gentlemen, I know that between the above statement and the TV/newspaper coverage, your blood is probably boiling to do something. If not then you’re not one of us.

We have the truth on our side, we’re taking the high ground on this issue, and WE’RE STILL FIGHTING. With all of you to assist we will prevail.

But it takes money, petitions, letters, and LOTS of support. Memphis, the Confederacy, General Forrest, President Davis, and the entire South are now dependent upon us.

We make our stand HERE.

Please send your donations to:

N. B. Forrest SCV Camp# 215, PO Box 11141, Memphis, TN. 38111


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Lee Millar
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