‘Stand Up, Selma’

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Talk about hypocrisy.

Sunday night, the people of Selma, Alabama were treated to an event called "Stand Up, Selma." The organizers proclaimed their purpose was to "stand together in love" in order to build a “beloved community.”

And some of the speakers backed up those goals with their talks to the audience:

Reverends Mark Duke and Spicer made a call to action. Spicer said to celebrate and appreciate everyone’s culture.

“My heritage is a part of me,” he said. “I should be who I am, and you should be who you are. We should like each other for who we are.”

Duke spoke of acceptance for everyone.

“People should be tolerant for one another,” he said. “We should respect each other.”

Sounds good. But one look at who put this little love-fest together raises immediate suspicion: the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. Worse, the keynote speaker was none other than Heidi Beirich, whom the article describes as the "director of research and special projects intelligence projects

[sic] for the Southern Poverty Law Center …"

Whoa! Seems like Heidi acquires a new, even-creepier sounding title every time we hear from her.

So how does a community "stand together in love" and promote respect for everyone’s heritage?

If you’re Heidi Beirich, you terrify the audience:

The law center says there are 24 hate groups in Alabama.

“There is a hate group base in Selma,” Beirich said. “It is called the League of the South. They are a neo-confederate group that basically wants to return to a way of life pre-1865.”

Beirich said members of the group believe slavery is God ordained.

She told the horrified audience tips to help stop hate groups.

Oh, the horror. The horror.

In case you missed it, Heidi Beirich just implied the League of the South’s number one goal is to bring back slavery. How that deliberate distortion promotes mutual respect and a "beloved community" escapes me.

But such dishonesty is the SPLC’s business plan. Forget the League of the South’s core message warning about the dangerous concentration of political and economic power, and about the intensifying assault on our traditional protections from an out-of-control central government. Forget the speeches urging self-reliance and why we must break growing dependence on government. Forget the books and articles seeking to preserve historical cultures, and documenting the historical record of appeals to egalitarianism, the favorite incendiary device of ambitious demagogues.

Instead, demonize an organization promoting the true history and the survival of the Southern people as something it is not. Reduce its members and the people it represents down to a single, malicious lie.

Of course, the remarks of the SPLC’s director of special intelligence projects make perfect sense — that is, once you understand that the SPLC’s actual goal is to profit from racial animosity.

If the SPLC were in charge of fire departments, they’d put napalm in all the hydrants.

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