"It’s Been Said…"

This fellow southerner was born Sept. 5, 1947 in Elizabethtown, North Carolina. After graduating from North Carolina State University in 1970, he spent the next seven years serving as a reservist in the United States Marine Corps Reserve. After fourteen years in the workforce he decided to go in business for himself. In 1985 Barber and Company was born, a tiny screen printing company specializing in apparel printing.

Mr. Dewey Barber’s baby has since grown into an industry leader in screen printing, offering many lines of clothing including the original Dixie Outfitters, All American Outfitters, Dixie Girls, Dixie Boys, and Dixie Baby product lines. Working side by side with Dewey since 1988 is his lovely wife, Sissy who serves as Vice President of the company. The couple has 3 children, Rhett, Wesley, and Sali. With Dixie Outfitters world-wide sales enjoyed by millions, Dewey Barber has become an entrepreneur extraordinaire.

In the process, the mild-spoken southerner with the graying moustache and southern pride t-shirts have become somewhat of a lightening rod in the fight to protect our Southern Heritage. The major media has even found its way to small town Georgia with CNN and People Magazine leading the way.

Though admitting to being an uncomfortable celebrity, Dewey Barber has accepted the challenge because he believes all southerners share the goal of preserving our southern way of life for their children and grandchildren. He sees his company as way for people to embrace and portray their southern pride while seeking dignity and respect for all men.

In today’s southern quote, Mr. Barber speaks fondly of his homeland. Mr. Dewey says, “We like space. We like the woods. We enjoy hunting and fishing. We love our Southern belles and our dogs. We love our family and God. The South is different. We like it different…” –Dewey Barber



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