Why it’s vital to unmask the Southern Poverty Law Center

Friday, October 27, 2006

The Southern Poverty Law Center is an ally of the Leviathan government that’s violating our traditional rights, as well as expanding its bloody empire abroad. This is nothing new, as one of Dees’ numerous ex-associates has said:

Randall Williams, who formed Klanwatch in 1981 as part of the SPLC, said in 1988, “We were sharing information with the FBI, the police, undercover agents. Instead of defending clients and victims we were more of a super snoop outfit, an arm of law enforcement.” Randall and four staff attorney’s resigned from the Center in 1986.

[The Progressive>, July 1988.]

Today, Dees and his partners continue to carry water for the ruling class by portraying the Federal government as the “Militant Liberator.”

Throughout modern history, the “Militant Liberator” claims a divine right to bully, intimidate, shock, awe, torture, and if all that fails, to commit mass murder. Whether it’s the Jacobins of the French Revolution, John Brown, Abe the Great Emancipator, the Soviets, the Chinese Communists, or DC’s forces in Iraq, the absolute rightness of the Liberator’s cause justifies any action. The regime in DC portrays itself as the Greatest Liberator of them all, snuffing out racism, inequality, and hate at home and abroad. The war at home and the war abroad bleed into one, and both are justified by spreading the noble ideals of an all-powerful central government.

The SPLC performs a vital role in promoting this image, which is why the State Department arranged to have visitors from Eastern Europe visit the SPLC back in February. As I noted earlier this year:

“A group from Bulgaria studying civil rights was to meet today with local educators and others during a two-day visit to Huntsville. The State Department-sponsored trip to Alabama also includes a visit Thursday to the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute and the Southern Poverty Law Center in Montgomery on Friday.” [This was reported in the Huntsville Times, but the link no longer works.]

If you’re a Southern conservative, you ‘ll probably think, “Wait a minute! The US State Department sponsored a trip to the Southern Poverty Law Center? Isn’t the SPLC the group that makes so much money by saying nasty things about Southern heritage and Christianity? Why, if the Federal government holds them up as an example to visiting foreigners, then what must it really think about me and my people—or about my Christian faith? What am I really supporting here?”

Good question.

And let’s not just pick on Southerners and conservatives hypnotized by country music anthems to Old Glory and “kick-butt” militarism. Liberals who bravely defend the poor and oppressed by making tax-free donations to the SPLC should be worried about this news item also. Their reaction might well be, “Why, wasn’t the State Department responsible for the creation of the School of the Americas, the death-squad academy that trained right-wing dictators throughout Latin America how to murder poor peasants and freedom fighters? The same State Department that helped build the case for invading Iraq, and still defends the ongoing occupation of Iraq? What am I really supporting here?”

Yes, to both of you. It’s that SPLC, and it’s that State Department. You’ve both been played for fools.

It’s no coincidence that apologists for both American imperialism and American multiculturalism portray their opponents as irrational haters. “Islamofascists” hate freedom, and therefore want to destroy America. “Racists” hate all minorities, and are filled with bloodlust. Only an all-powerful central government can stop these enemies of democracy and equality. Now, if certain well-connected supporters pick up a few million here and there along the way, well, that’s just part of the price of freedom, you see. So if Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, and Halliburton gorge themselves on taxpayer dollars, then we should shut up and dish out more for the protection they provide. If these companies didn’t rake in their otherwise obscene profits, why, the terrorists would have already won. Here at home, the unending crusade to impose multiculturalism, tolerance, and equality also takes truckloads of money, and organizations such as the Southern Poverty Law Center have figured out how to make tolerance profitable. So both groups are always hitting the panic button as they see more enemies plotting evil against the forces of light, reason, and democracy.

But it’s a scam, a scam propped up not only by our money, but by our cowardice and gullibility. It’s high time to pull the curtain down and expose these people for what they are, fearmongers and freeloaders who are determined to terrify those they claim to protect, and intimidate those they wish to silence. Rather than bringing peace and mutual respect, they breed fear and distrust, because such creatures can only thrive in artificial chaos. There’s a better way than this, and those of us who are determined to take that path are braced for the inevitable slanders and lies that are the only weapons the fearmongers have.

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