Tuesday, September 18, 2012
The Southern Poverty Law Center – Propaganda

A former fundraiser for the Southern Poverty Law Center relates how he learned the truth about this wealthy and powerful organization. Here’s a sample:

As far as exploration into the SPLC’s finances goes, I’d barely scratched the surface and came away feeling manipulated. The only comfort I had was the knowledge that even if the organization was obviously beyond wealthy they deserved it they were still the good guys after all Mr. Dees did risk his life to help Ms. Donald with no assurance of payment.

Fast forward several years later, the SPLC hit my radar again. Recently I’ve taken a much closer look at the financial workings of wealth bloated charity. I felt a little manipulated before, I now realize that I’d been completely bamboozled.

With a single peek beneath the SPLC’s shiny narrative, the first thing I learned was that “The Line of Fire” presented at best, a selective telling of the truth. It omitted mention of nine million dollars Morris raised from one image of Beulah Donald’s son. Those seven digits had more to do with his determination to drag the case out than desire for justice. Dees also somehow neglected to share any of those funds with Ms.Donald, who only received fifty thousand of the 7 million judgment.

And it gets even better! There’s nothing juicier than a tell-all account from a former insider. You definitely want to read the whole thing.

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