Rumsfeld ditches the SPLC

It has been reported that Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld’s staff ditched the recent request from the left wing Southern Poverty Law Center. While no American wants to see white, black or Hispanic supremacists in our military, again the SPLC slanted its propaganda towards only white supremacists. The SPLC always turns a blind eye to La Raza and other Hispanic supremacist groups including illegal aliens, the black supremacist NAACP and race hate mongers like Al Sharpton and others.

As reported by many websites, newspapers and exposed facts, the extremist SPLC continues to raise money by scaring its contributors with misleading reports on conservative, Southern and Christian groups. It takes a lot of money to keep the poverty palace in Alabama afloat and pay huge salaries to Mr. Dees and his merry band of stooges like Mark Potok and others. I’ll be kind, as I know they monitor our news.

The left wing SPLC publication "Intelligence Project" is mailed out to many public safety organizations. 70% of the time this little propaganda magazine ends up on the floor of the men’s room in police stations or tossed out as a joke. The SPLC also mails it’s slanderous and misleading garbage to schools, far left wing groups and those who request this filth.

Our hope is that the US military continues its wonderful service and we all give thanks to our brave troops. The men and women of the US military, especially from the South deserve our prayers. May God Bless our troops and God forgive the hateful SPLC.

J.D. Wright
Richmond, VA

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