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The extremist Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has a long track record of snooping. For years, they have researched newspaper stories and websites seeking anything related to Southern heritage, Christian views, family values, illegal aliens and the 10 Commandments. The left wing SPLC then contacts local newspapers to give views and attempt to counter conservative activities. SPLC stories to newspapers and articles in "Intelligence Project" are border line slanderous with huge assumptions and liberal views.

It is often practice of the extremist SPLC to find upset or disgruntled people in our causes. They set up telephone interviews with them or communicate by email. Many times they will find one person with a beef out of a thousand and try to tell the world, that this one person speaks for the whole group or attempt to cause friction within groups. Many times they will tape record a person with permission, then have them on the hook. An interesting practice. Along the lines of standard public safety measures.

The left wing SPLC hate group has a long history attacking the Southern heritage and history movement, legal action against right wing groups, attacking Judge Roy Moore, causing friction with the law abiding border patrol programs, which attempt to prevent law breaking illegal aliens. And the usual threats of law suits. They need money to keep the poverty palace running, pay extremists like Mark and Heidi and of course the one and only Morris Dees. A legend in his own mind.

While the extremist SPLC keeps tabs on folks, many keep tabs on them. It is good practice to acquire prior SPLC Intelligence Project magazines. Most often out of trash cans and off the floors of the men’s room in most public safety departments. The vast majority of public safety chuckle at the SPLC border line slanderous and anti Christian, anti Southern heritage and pro illegal alien leftist agenda. My advise is if you speak with the SPLC take notes, when they ask to record conversation, you ask and record conservation as well. NOTE: you must have permission and follow state laws. Never fall for the leftist SPLC soft soap lines. They want information and would flush you in a moment. If your tired or upset with a movement just calm down and pull back. Don’t flush your friends or the cause if upset. Tomorrow or months later you will be fresh and return. Don’t end up a paid snitch for the hate group SPLC.

Many folks have copies of the Intelligence Project and copies of newspaper stories nationwide. You just never know when you may want to call an attorney, elected representative or agency to report them. Don’t feel intimidated by the SPLC as they have made some mistakes, been investigated prior and just may be investigated again by news reporters or other legal folks.

Steer clear of the SPLC, be mindful of your members, at events keep a close eye on people taking pictures of vehicles, remain legal, counter protest along local laws, speak with reporters as a number of news sources have reported wonderful stories about the SPLC, Morris Dees and most of all, continue your cause.

God bless,
JD Wright

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