(Updated) Spite Activism

“Students don’t have to sit in the same room as the flags anymore. I feel like we made a tremendous difference.” Brandon Hicks, "Committee" member

Students didn’t have to sit in the same room as the flags before, brilliant law student. In fact, couldn’t sit in the same room as the flags… There is no place to sit — no chairs, benches, stools, anything, in the alcove where the flags were.

"Sitting ‘in the room’ of the Chapel – one cannot see any flags, you racist bigot. In fact, there isn’t even any chairs in the room where ‘Recumbent Lee’ resides"  Billy Bearden, Georgia & Virginia Flagger

Absolutely right, Billy. I was going to do a photoshopped "before and after" pics of the alcove as seen from the chapel, with and without the flags, to show how little difference it makes, viewed from the chapel auditorium.  I couldn’t, because in the "before" picture, the flags can’t be seen, anyway.

Mr. Brandon Hicks is quite the activist, having been a speaker at "Race for the Ballot," a forum against the homosexual marriage ban.  Reports Pam’s House Blend, "One of the kickoff sites is North Carolina Central University’s Student Union and Law School, which hosted a forum moderated by student leader of NCCU’s LGBT group COLORS, Brandon Hicks…"

Hmmm…. If Mr. Hicks was a law student at NCCU, why did he switch to W&L? I’m not saying I think he deliberately switched schools just to engage in spite-activism against Lee and the flags … but then again, I’m not saying I don’t think that.

"These are huge steps. We are ecstatic."  Brandon Hicks to CNN

Steps? Plural? What other steps is he referring to? IOW, what’s next? The statue? The family crypt and Traveler? The name?

Floggers and other would say it’s his right… maybe it is a right, but that doesn’t make it right, ya know?

It’s one thing to work to change the world for better, but attempting to re-write history, from spite, and doing things that weaken and tear at the family — the basic unit of society without which a society crumbles — are not working to change the world for the better.

Sorry, it’s just not.

Brandon, if you want to do something really beneficial, go to the country’s southern border and help take care of the multitudes of sick and unsupervised children our government has separated from their parents, and help get them back to their real homes.

The newest faces of legalistic bullying.


H/T to Brooks Simpson for correcting my erroneous assumption that Brandon Hicks was a law student at NCCU, based on a passage at "Pam’s House Blend."

Since Hicks is a law student, and was involved in a forum at NCCU’s Student Union and LAW SCHOOL, I assumed he was a law student there, and since he’s now a law student at W&L, I assumed he switched universities as a law student.

It’s a simple mistake anybody could have made unless they’re the type who "tiptoes" through the Internet with a find-toothed comb, looking for things they can lie about and/or humiliate people with. (That’s one of the differences between me and the floggers and floggerettes; I make mistakes. They’re dishonest.

[See How Dishonest Can Floggers Get?])

I myself did not fine-tooth comb "Pam’s House Blend" (like Simpson did) to ascertain any more about Mr. Hicks, such as the years of his education. I had all the info I needed about him, and as I am not interested in homosexual activism, I did not read much beyond the passage I copied here.

But my suspicions remain about whether Mr. Hick chose W&L specifically to lead an Alinsky-ish attack on the flags and General Lee — regardless of whether he came as a laws student or an undergrad.

I certainly believe I am right about Mr. Hicks’ and the committee’s motives, based on two, very telling comments he made reported in the press.  Although neither I nor anyone else I’ve discussed this with feel personally threatened, since the committee did issue a threat, it seems logical to see them as a threat.

I’m not sure why Simpson thinks I’m humiliated though. Simply because he tried to humiliate me, I guess. And yes, he does love to try to humiliate people, to harass, to denigrate, to disparage. He really gets off on that… kinda like the committee apparently gets off on spite activism…

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