Spiritually Natured Confederate Stories
Greetings!  You are invited to log onboard the below web pages and read these five Inspirational Confederate Inspirational Stories!  These inspirational stories deal with various topics involving the Confederate Cause, some of them directly involve the Confederate Legion and its Gideon Battalion.  I believe you will like these stories, so log onboard and enjoy!  
Winds of Atlanta
* The surrender and trial of General William Tecumseh Sherman!
The Church Visitor
* A story based upon The Prophetic Countdown!
The Last Sunset
* Some Confederate face life after the Rapture of the Church!
Pilgrimage to Masada
* The possible background of our Coming National Leader!
The Day Time Ended
* A story dealing with the Gideon Battalion!
God save the Confederacy
Thomas E. Guinn
Confederate Legion